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As before, you need to figure out the key to make it print "Correct!". However, this one should be much harder.

It took me over a week to create this, so I hope you have as much fun and difficulty cracking it as I did writing it. Good luck!

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Multiplatform
Language: Java

Published: 14. Oct, 2012
Downloads: 414


Votes: 3
Crackme is quite nice.

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Solution by ReWolf, published 19. feb, 2014; download (910 kb), password: or browse.

ReWolf has rated this crackme as awesome.

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Discussion and comments

stare himemy
17. Oct 2012
I have downloaded he and unzipped it but when I click on it nothing happens. Can somene help me. Send me the info to
17. Oct 2012
stare himemy, it is a console type app, open command prompt and type
java -jar crackme3.jar "Serial key"
21. Oct 2012
What Dark Prince said is wonderful!It really solved the problem.
15. Aug 2013
For some reason my Java decompiler is giving me an error that it can't open it because it might be corrupt, etc.
18. Aug 2013
kranken: I'd be very impressed if you could get a decompiler to work on this.

Out of curiosity, which one did you try?
27. Aug 2013
I tried DJ Java Decompiler. I got some type of code trying out Java DeCompiler by Prabhu but it's kind of weird because it's not true Java code.
27. Aug 2013
What I see is like a combination between Java code and assembler.
27. Aug 2013
Correction: It's the Java bytecode I got. Sorry for the numerous comments.
28. Aug 2013
Seems that the number from the constant pool at #33 and the number that is called by ldc #33 are not the same when I disassembled it. It seems that the 9 is missing off the end... Does anybody else have this problem?
29. Aug 2013
You're using a bad disassembler

Anyway, if you don't know enough to figure out things like this, you should probably be trying one of my easier challenges instead. I don't think you'll be able to solve this one even with the right tools.
16. Feb 2014
Solved, solution submitted, meanwhile it can be read here
16. Feb 2014
Congratulations. I'll do a writeup of the process behind creating the crackme when I have time.

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