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This is my another keygenme. Your task is to generate keymaker. Some parts of this keygenme are not reversible, so you might have to patch some values (no code patching though).

Don't give up! You will need an extensive knowledge of cryptography and mathematics to solve this one.

Best regards,

Difficulty: 6 - Hard, for very professionals only
Platform: Windows 7 Only
Language: C/C++

Published: 01. Mar, 2013
Downloads: 172


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Discussion and comments

02. Mar 2013
GNU MP lib with VC++ 2010? What version of GMP? Did you use GMP static .lib? From where can i download it?
02. Mar 2013
... and won't run on my Win7
04. Mar 2013
The library that I have used is mpir 2.4.0 and it was compiled by yours truly.

Have you 'unpacked' it and then it's not running? or the original binary does not run?
04. Mar 2013
yes, of course, unpacked version not running, probably some protection
04. Mar 2013
MPIR 2.4.0 ...IDA Flair tools detects only 6 functions in crackme, someone have better results?
12. Mar 2013
Yep. I unpacked this keygenme. I'm exploring serial algo now.

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