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Simple crackme for both Linux and Windows.
Compiled for Linux x86 and x64, Windows x86.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Multiplatform
Language: C/C++

Published: 20. Oct, 2016
Downloads: 438


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Discussion and comments

02. Nov, 21:27
It was fairly easy to crack this crackme, but it definitely was really fun too! It took me only about 10 minutes in total, even though the strings were encrypted it was really easy to see how the program dealt with the input keys.

It was as easy as just changing the entry point's last jmp instruction to jump to location text:00401873 instead of jumping to text:00401842 where the argument input took place.

Thanks for this challenge!
05. Nov, 09:28
Glad you liked it :)
18. Nov, 15:49
The key is at 40410c, but it contains nonASCII chars.

63h, 76h, 67h, 4Eh, 94h, 0FBh, 0FDh, 57h, 7Ch, 51h
5Eh, 8, 63h, 0EEh, 71h, 78h, 0B6h, 7Bh, 4Bh, 6Ah, 3Bh
0FEh, 65h, 62h, 7Bh, 29h, 73h, 4Eh, 3Dh, 0ABh, 0BEh
0E9h, 2Ah, 0FFh, 60h, 7Ah, 4Eh, 3Ch, 77h, 7Dh, 18h
62h, 6Ch, 61h, 78h, 4Fh, 80h, 51h, 73h, 4Fh, 65h, 33h
21. Nov, 19:15
I liked it. Took me a while as I'm learning but I finally got it.
The key is at 0040410C (52 bytes).
03. Dec, 17:49
Great exercise! Actually, it was pretty easy to get the encrypted key location, but the best and most interesting thing was to discover this message:

"Never compromise not even in the face of armageddon."

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