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This is my first KeygenMe.
There are no anti-debug tricks, or obfuscation.
Rules: No patch/bruteforce allowed.


Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 19. May, 2010
Downloads: 326


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Discussion and comments

31. May 2010
No solution guys? Come on! :D
31. May 2010
nope, I know man who brute your crackme :D
01. Jun 2010
I know too who brute :)
03. Jun 2010
It's crackme cannot be solved - only patch
06. Jun 2010
This doesn't seem possible without patching. Regardless of what (valid) inputs I plug into it, it seems as though eax and ebp-8 will always contain the same values.
08. Jun 2010
@ 0040CFE0 are valid input for serial
09. Jun 2010
@jE! What that mean?
09. Jun 2010
i mean at 0040CFE0 are valid chars for serial input.
10. Jun 2010
can make keygen for this but would have to brute the possible serials. "may" be possible to work out non-brute alg. but not worth the hassle. would be interested to see if the writer could make a non-brute keygen himself :)
11. Jun 2010
I bruteforced 00000000..FFFFFFFF
there is no valid pass
11. Jun 2010
@Rutio correct your crackme and reupload new version
11. Jun 2010
Thanks last two posters for saving me time. I was going to have a go tonight at bruteforce keygen. I did think there was a hell of a lot of XOR'ing so there could probably only be 1 valid serial.
14. Jun 2010
when proc@004011B0 start,
[ebp-2C] is "dirty". i have there pointer: 00403308.
then begins hash calculation on this three char: 40|33|08.
this looks more mistake then trick.

(additionally we can overwrite stack by serial-chars.. but dunno..)
14. Jun 2010
then at same [ebp-2C] will placed Name-chars & there will NO calculation on those.
So maybe here things are inversed:
Hash-calculation should be after get-Name.
17. Jun 2010
further, Serial-convertinc proc misses conversion result & stores 01000000 every time.

so, if Name hash missed & Serial conversion missed,
Keygen is impossible.
but it is called "my first KeygenMe" by author.

bcoz stack can be overwritten by 28 chars, we can force good message.
but 2 chars are non-ascii.

so what are thinking Mods?

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