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This is a simple keygenme aimed at the beginners.
If you manage to figure it out, please post the solution.

Good luck and have fun! :D

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 03. Apr, 2014
Downloads: 1740


Votes: 5
Crackme is boring.

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Solution by lerie, published 14. jul, 2014; download (34 kb), password: or browse.

lerie has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by anubis13, published 19. apr, 2014; download (740 kb), password: or browse.

anubis13 has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments
04. Apr 2014
(basscode spoiler comment removed!)
05. Apr 2014
My bad.
Anyways good luck to the newbie reversers.
05. Apr 2014
Need keygen? lol
We can calculate the key with brain. very easily.
Good luck guys : )
06. Apr 2014
Yeah it's supposed to be simple so even the very beginners can reverse it!
14. Apr 2014
Done with keygen. r-e-k-c-a-r-c ;)
14. Apr 2014
it's very easy just reverse your username and put - after each char so if username is eli the password is i-l-e
15. Apr 2014
LoL I cant solve it :D I have no idea what im doing what so ever :( I think ive located the string that says "Not correct" But I dont know what to do now :(
16. Apr 2014
1 min to solve and 1 to write a keygen
17. Apr 2014
XD Newbie here, finding a huge amount of ...junk bytes?
27. Apr 2014
This should be level 2 task.
Am a newbie, l don't even understand how the inputs are processed though l know the segment that does that.
Anyway, nice crack me.
02. May 2014
i am a newbie....can anybody help me from where to start learning reverse engineering...since i am very much interested in this stuff.... thanks in advance
02. May 2014
@BOT: You are at the right place. However, u ought to have ASSEMBLY knowledge, search for LENA101 tutorial on google and download it. Google Legend of randon or so and enter the site, you will see large materials and tutorials. And if you want to advance to keygen, you will have to have any programming language knowledge enough to code keygen. Youtube can also do you good. But bear in mind that this is a hard and boring task that needs enough patients for.
I wish you success.
16. May 2014
Nice keygenme.
Something broke while debugging for me... as soon as i enter a username it says "correct" without even asking for a key - and this loops forever and it spams "correct".
but if i start the exe alone, it works fine
debugging protection?
19. May 2014
Borgiman, there's no special debugging protection going on. What debugger are you using?
27. May 2014
can anybody know, what is the best software to hack facebook easily guys?... i'm a newbie here... .i would like to have my 2nd achievemnts in hacking... simple hacking only :)
31. May 2014
i know how to crack but how to find relation between the username and keygen is hard for me however i know much of c & C++ i can make keygen if i know the algo...
31. May 2014
@Ollie: i'm using ollydbg - i'll try again later, it might've been just some wierd constellation
08. Jun 2014
This is a very easy one. Just keep an eye on the registers and you'll get an idea of what's going on...

However, to get in touch with a debugger/disassembler for the first time, it's okay. Albeit following the algorithm in the ASM is confusing at first glance.
11. Jun 2014
I have the same problem with evaboy although I know how to generate the key according the User using the Ollydbg.But in my opinion,reverse engineering is not so about this,we should know the author how to write the programe and what library function he used through reverse analysis.So,can you tell me how you receive inputs and process inputs?I'm so confused.Thank you very much
11. Jun 2014
kaoyange, It's written in Visual C++, and it uses the std libraries to handle io and other stuff.
12. Jun 2014
@Ollie Thank you,But why does OD can't analyze std libraries such as cin or cout in your keygenme.I used C++ std library cin write a program to test it,OD can distinguish it.Have you thought about this problem?
16. Jun 2014
Yay! This was the first one I've cracked by myself :D I really like the crackme that you very much for making it :D
23. Jun 2014
Crack it for what? You can just enter one single digit character for each entry and it'll be accepted.

C# Keygen?

Random R = new random();

Console.WriteLine(R.Next(0, 9));
Console.WriteLine(R.Next(0, 9));
25. Jun 2014
how can i upload my solution
25. Jun 2014
There a "Submit your solution" link few lines above the "Discussions and comments" area
05. Jul 2014
WTF? I did not even begin to debug it ?! I just entered key + pass and it was correct O____O
11. Aug 2014
Okay, but why does it connect to
28. Aug 2014
thebigben, there is no networking code in the application.
If you really want to, I can give you the source code but I can promise it will not connect to any site or computer.
21. Jul 2015
i guessed the key by accident :)
25. Jul 2015
l just typed u as the username and u as the key, just to see "Correct! Now write a keygen. :)"
Could there be a bug in the code?
27. Jul 2015
@evaboy, it's not a bug, just bad design I guess haha.

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