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From a serie of crackmes I'm developing for my wargame page

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 05. May, 2014
Downloads: 359


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Solution by baderj, published 13. nov, 2014; download (158 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

09. May 2014
Only bruteforce - deeper
10. May 2014
printable or not? not sure what's purpose of this crackme
10. May 2014
Am I just supposed to get a valid serial message? If so then this is too easy.
10. May 2014
I would say the goal of this crackme is to get the password
12. May 2014
It is, however the OP does not make that clear and the solution itself requires a brute-force approach once the encoding function is identified as it in effect creates a hash. Personally I stopped when I RE'd that function as it's not RE any more beyond the trivial patch to get the GoodBoy.
Unknown Coder
15. May 2014
<h1>Very easy</h1>
23. May 2014
i spent lot time on this code with no success,
im noob but i pass the wrong mssg which is considered as true JNZ value, i think the file has been patched with wrong statement, i cannt analyze this one
cmp eax, 0B528B18Bh

its do this :
how i can check ESI value ?
2- some or and xor but i cant analyze it .
24. May 2014
I found the right key - eDDQDR
24. May 2014
Congratz. I tested all the possibilities for 5 characters but couldn't be bothered to run brute-forcer for more, how long did it take your prog to get the correct password?
25. May 2014
Len key = 6
Alphabet 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
find key 30 second
25. May 2014
so any idea of how ?
did u do it by analyzing or some tools ?
i think the point is to analyze doesnt it ?
25. May 2014
tha key is valid but its not the right key ,

check this owner site :

i tested ur pass is not correct
26. May 2014
right key-deeper
check this site )))
27. May 2014
Could you pm me with your brute-forcer algo? I remember when I quickly wrote a brute-forcer, it was taking much longer
27. May 2014
28. May 2014
I did not find key but i pathed it and now it always says that key is right.
=Original bytes=
8B B1 28 B5 45 16 6A 40
=Replaces bytes=
8B B1 28 B5 90 90 6A 40
30. May 2014
Sorry to post it that late, I've been busy a little. Thanks a lot for your code, I though there must be a trick, but the only "trick" is the limited character space, thanks again buddy. For a key space, i.e., all visible ascii characters 32-128, brute-force would take much longer :P
09. Jun 2014
Hi could you pm me with your brute-forcer algo again please ???
28. Oct 2014
some keys are :
28. Oct 2014
Nice crackme. It can be solved without brute forcing.

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