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2nd Crackme
Patch this if you can

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 12. Oct, 2008
Downloads: 430


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Discussion and comments

13. Oct 2008
This one is interesting. I was able to crack it and I am working on patching it/key gen. Here is a sample:

14. Oct 2008
fishing is easy for this one, but keygening need some time :)
14. Oct 2008
The keygen isn't that hard, the hard part is to patch, which is almost impossible since it is packed. I can patch the binary in memory every time. To create the keygen I will just use inline assembly.
15. Oct 2008
I have submitted a patch, which I thought was more challenging from the comment about patching. I completely understand how the keys are generated and I will have a working keygen working tomorrow.
16. Oct 2008
Can I unpack it and them patch the unpacked file?
16. Oct 2008
How would you patch a packed binary? I am curious. Please explain, as I don't want to be boring. Generating the key, that is boring. :-)

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