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A little crackme just for fun.

1) bypass the anti debug / junk
2) bruteforce / keygen
3) write a tut :)

rulez : use only a 'standard' version of OllyDbg (or it's not fun)
no HideDebugger plugin or OllyIce or things like that.


Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 18. Apr, 2007
Downloads: 1002


Votes: 8
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Solution by apuromafo, published 16. feb, 2008; download (2026 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

19. Apr 2007
Nice gfx music and pic ! :)
19. Apr 2007
Music is for registered user only :P
Did you crack it already ? :D

And I forgot to write, the junk code is from Beatrix :)
20. Apr 2007
very interesting! I find difficult to remove some anti-olly...for example i cannot remove the memory protection.
20. Apr 2007
Memory protecton? I think you missed something :)

I hope you having fun with my crackme, there is more than 10 anti-ollydbg :D

the first few are very basic, after its getting harder..
I even tried to 'create' my own anti-olly :p
22. Apr 2007
I won't have Internet access from tomorrow until... I don't know yet :)

so good luck everybody & see u soon!
26. Apr 2007
if you've cracked it, please write a tut!! community would greatly appreciate it!
16. Jul 2007
rtdsk is difficult by pass and nag exit but not impossible..
19. Jul 2007
I can't hear any music on this...
04. Aug 2007
has anyone done this, and if so plz write a tut! I don't know where or even how to start...
06. Aug 2007
God damnit I keep getting a messagebox with a big red arrow. I can't figure out wtf is causing it.
18. Aug 2007
magik, I need help with this one. I have eliminated some of the anti-Olly-tricks, but now I'm stuck.
As far as I can see Olly is not detected using EnumWindows, but perhaps it is. So - are the calls to EnumWindows part of the anti?
21. Aug 2007
I solved it...sort of. At least I can hear the music and see the snowflakes now. By running the crackme and attaching with Olly it was rather easy to find the serial for my name.

But I still can't bypass all the anti-Olly-tricks :(
21. Aug 2007
I bypassed almost every anti-olly trick but there seems to be an problem with the borland code and olly...
12. Oct 2007
Little tip.. dont alow eax to grow - it will mean you have been detected.. also keygening itself is simple..

@KernelJ: music will play and snow will fall only if you dont get detected and enter correct key :)
16. Feb 2008
m in my pseudo tutorial~little, must add the antidump, only change 4085A8 to retn and solve antidump~but thats is the idea~all trickes try now that know the pseudo solution~im write in spanish not in english~sorry my write that form
12. Sep 2008
ahh finally solved this, i wasn't skilled enough when i first tried, and placed it in my hard drive, now looking back, it wasn't that hard afterall. Great crackme! :)
01. Jan 2011
this is a great crackme,
some years old post this..
was analized with more detail, and checked 9 millon of serial and in more that 1 pc.., i was understanded the algo and do the values corrects..if some one wana a keygen i was have in write text 4 but are in spanish..

1) bypass the anti debug / junk ->done
2) bruteforce / keygen->
keygen in excel and masm
3) write a tut :)

maybe can be useful if some one wana learn more..
maybe can be updated, but is a skill from remembering..
gretings Apuromafo

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