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-=>File may and probably will close any dangerous(Debuggers, Disassemblers and others) softwares.
-=>Please use this file with cautious, I am not responsible for any kind of data
-=>lost or file demage that beening caused by this file.
-=>File may and probably will close Internet Explorer.

If I had more power I could made this crackme more efficient,
Crackme starts a bit slow.
This is one annoying crackme ;).
I hope you will have fun cracking it.

This crackme is more about killing the things that helps you crack
then super special algorithm.

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: C/C++

Published: 13. Jul, 2006
Downloads: 678


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Solution by cyclops, published 02. dec, 2007; download (29 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

14. Jul 2006
Nice crackme. I have written a keygen :)
15. Jul 2006
well then submit it :]
lets see it
15. Jul 2006
Nice anti-debug.. Don't know how it works
16. Jul 2006
It uses Toolhelp32 API to list processes and find some DLL inside them, example:
'GENOEP.DLL','PEID.exe','WIN32_USER.PLW','IDA.WLL','VCLX60.BPL', 'VCL60.BPL','RTL60.BPL','WINCE_STUB.PLW','IDAG.EXE','OllyICE.exe', 'OllyDBG.exe','OllyScript.dll','OllyDump.dll','Loaddll.dll','CMDLINE.dll','BOOKMARK.dll','DBGHELP.DLL','HideOD.DLL'.
By this way, the crackme can detect IDA and OllyDbg.
18. Jul 2006
To avoid the debugger protection you only have to attach it after start and then you can study algo without problems.. ;-)

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