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Next one in my crackmes series. Once again, dunno what dificulty it is, u rate it :)

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 09. Jan, 2005
Downloads: 14814


Votes: 11
Crackme is quite nice.

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Solution by Lesco, published 20. jul, 2005; download (12 kb), password: or browse.

Lesco has rated this crackme as quite nice.

Solution by Mr ThEkIlLeR, published 11. jan, 2005; download (68 kb), password: or browse.

Mr ThEkIlLeR has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by _HellDashX_, published 11. jan, 2005; download (64 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

21. Sep 2005
I have coded a KeyGen like HellDashX's but his one is better. LOL, good crackme, keep up the good work. I think That reusing the program to make the KeyGen is the best thing you can do to avoid headaches. LOL!
03. Jan 2006
The music in this keygen will drive you friggin nuts!

Be warned, gonna write a tut on how to patch the audio :)
09. Jan 2006
Cracked by Reverser//ICU :) Good luck LaFarge :) I enjoyed this crackme :) i'm w8ing 4 more =P
30. Oct 2009
Patching the music is easy.

00401050 NOP
00401051 NOP
00401052 NOP
00401053 NOP
00401054 NOP
00401055 NOP
00401056 NOP
00401057 NOP
00401058 NOP
00401059 NOP
0040105A NOP
0040105B NOP

Not beautiful, but it does the trick.
30. Oct 2009
Music will drive you crazy if you dont crack it in about 38 seconds. But it shouldnt take much longer than that.

29. Nov 2009
gHF you can also patch the music by changing the 00401603 JNE to JMP ;)
14. May 2010
I love the music! Wish more crackmes were of this quality. :)
26. Jul 2010
LOL I finished it in 1 minute by changing 2 Chars with OLLYDBG ^^
25. Apr 2011
Cracking done !
18. Apr 2012
Very nice CrackMe.
I just SelfKeygenned it. It isn't a hard one, but we can
learn a lot from it .

Nice work
29. May 2012
my first crackme, was a nice one...
but wery easy
lg pineapple...
04. Jun 2012
Nice crackme
07. Jun 2012
Easy to hack, but the keygen creation not so easy...

Nice example.
09. Jun 2012
nice crackme but very easy!!
21. Aug 2012
<b>Why am I so stupid an not able to do this?</b>
22. Aug 2012
Thats not stupid, just need to learn stuff!
17. Nov 2012
Nice Crackme!

Greez WireD
05. Jan 2013
Patched by NukeCrack
Time : 3min
05. Jan 2013
Keygenned, I'll add my solution. ntor
16. Jan 2013
loved it, music didnt bother me atall hehe, was the first crackme i did so far :) good stuff. deleted a whole letter N to get around that. still need to learn more to make a keygen sometime :)
22. Mar 2013
I can't do keygens yet, but this was simple to patch with OllyDbg by changing the JNZ to JZ at 0x4012BC so any user/serial combo works.

I used IDA to find the success message, saw the strcmp about that and noticed the JNZ after that.
23. Mar 2013

Hi, I just read you comment. Please re-think about your patch! Will it really work with "any user/serial combo"?
For example take this one:


Just a hint to let it accept every input: 0x90, 0x90 :D

But it will still not accept any input with less than 4 chars, so there has to be patched a bit more ;)

23. May 2013
lawl. this is stupid. My first crackme. And all I do is search for string "nope" and replace first jump I find with NOPs...
02. Jun 2013
lol i got bored and made a patch :P
26. Sep 2013
I made a video of me reversing the key algorithm and patching it
14. Dec 2013
Keygen this is very simple if we are a little bit clever
Solution incoming :D
24. Apr 2014
JC-SoCal, thanks for doing that, really helpful!
that was my first one, i aimed only on bypass key check, now i've learned how to combine ida with a debugger and that's freaky useful.
05. Oct 2014
This was my first keygen. I wrote it in C from OllyDBG output. I found it to be a really fun challenge. It was the first C program I've written in years so it took me way longer than it should've. Thx LaFarge!
07. Oct 2014
btw a sophos av reported this crackme as malware ?!?!?
09. Oct 2014

You can patch it to accept <4 but the serial generation algorithm depends on it. I can't upload a solution but the C code for the keygen I wrote details it clearly.
02. Feb 2015
Heh, but the point of the crackme is not to "patch" it. If u payed attention, it says "now go make a keygen".

The goal is to understand the algo and to code it for yourself, not to rip it or make selfkeygens.

I hope u understand the goals and what u need to do in order to accomplish the goal.

Anyway, i wrote this so long time ago, but i think its still good for learning purposes.

Crack on
10. Mar 2015
Thank you LaFarge, this crackme appears to be popular on the web ;P
Very useful, thanks.
05. Jun 2015
The challange was amaising
its took me 3 h. to understand wxactly the algo , and make the keygen....
you are the best!!!!
p.s. if you can make an youtube breakdown for each one of yours challange its will be very helpfull becoas than you can learn and move up , without this its just a test for your skills , nothing to learn from (maximum you get an expiriance)
13. Sep 2015
Very good encryption and thanks to JC-SoCal for the video.
01. Nov 2015
very good, this is my first crackme and i done creating a keygen for it :D, took me many hours to analyze it, and music is so good!
13. Feb, 18:25
Good crackme, if anyone care about the chiptune I ripped it and you can open it (its 100% opening with VLC, idk about the rest) Link to chiptune:
09. Mar, 22:28
First crackme i tried to solve, got me stuck for about 4 hours, but happy to have a working keygen in the end. It surely was fun :)
15. Aug, 19:17
Thanks for making it. Spent a lot of hours (8?) in a leisurely pace. Did it properly rewriting the whole algorithm in C#

Self-Keygen here would be the obvious solution with IDA Decompiler copy + paste.

Very good for introductory learning. Has a few interesting ideas, but nothing too fancy.
29. Aug, 09:18
im a noob at cracking,just started.DUNNO HOW I SOLVED IT IN 5 MINS(too many tutorials,I guess :> )
01. Sep, 15:36
Since plenty of others have done a thorough job explaining the keygen algorithm, I decided to do something a bit different and use this CrackMe to demonstrate how to use Cheat Engine to crack and patch apps.

For the last bit of the video, I demonstrate how to modify the functionality of the About button to make it successfully register the application when clicked. Hope you enjoy!

How to Crack and Patch Applications with Cheat Engine:
16. Oct, 20:30
I made a short 10 minute YouTube video overview for this crackme.

It's for the complete beginner who wants to know what to do or is stuck! The quality is not stellar, but the info delivered is solid! :)
22. Nov, 16:32
For a noob(Eg: myself...)
Patch it is so easy.
But analyze how the key generate from username (not copy+ paste the code to make a key gen) is quite hard...

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