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Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Unspecified/other
Language: Unspecified/other

Published: 27. Nov, 2012
Downloads: 390


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Solution by phueghy, published 24. dec, 2012; download (33 kb), password: or browse.

phueghy has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

28. Nov 2012
how to check????
04. Dec 2012
So i have to find its password and press a button or just find the password?
05. Dec 2012
My solution is 1.52061 ¿Is it possible?. Sorry for my bad English ;)
06. Dec 2012
Exactly 1.5206117639947453996940561267823061250557102935443782479396672938700617746736758676608778545506705188.

I hope don't be wrong ;)
06. Dec 2012
Sorry but thats not right.
Think a bit outside the box...
07. Dec 2012
Is it even analytically possible to find a correct input value? As the algorithm is so sensitive on smallest changes of the input value I am a bit lost here.
18. Dec 2012
My solution "3231"
Right? :)
19. Dec 2012
sorry, not right
21. Dec 2012
My solution is "18975". The explaining document is still in the solutions pipeline. I was only able to bruteforce it because I ws hinted to an integer solution.
21. Dec 2012

Solved too, but brute forced :( That was interesting in a sense that I discovered TI family of devices, never used before, but seen in shops :) was pretty fun playing around with emulator. Also found a website that can show source from application. Anyway, I couldn't write proper c# version of bruteforcer, turned out to be an issue of rounding difference of device and .net framework, so wrote it on device itself (and removed clock speed limit), took sometime and solution was found.

program code for device to bruteforce, mention that there will be a syntax error when solution is found, cause I didn't check documentation details on how to break out of the loop, just choose "quit" and answer will be there:

:While V < 1000000
:While C<100
:If A=19911.236
:Disp V
:Return 0;

Thank you!
21. Dec 2012
Small addition: to fix syntax error please make sure to use "Return" without any arguments and semicolon (habit) :)
:Disp V
21. Dec 2012
A decent emulator: TilEm

What would the inverse function be then?
I have tried:

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