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My second crackme, difficulity: 4/10, "features" included: NAG, Disabled functions, serial (write the keygen) + extra: easteregg (try to find it ;p)

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 07. Apr, 2005
Downloads: 769


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Solution by Ank83, published 01. jun, 2006; download (86 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

28. Jan 2006
Nice Easter ! The women is socking it good. In your next put the same picture, but try not to be x-ray ! :))
28. Jan 2006
|--[ Objective:
| |--[ Unpack
| |--[ Kill NAG!
| |--[ Enable check button
| |--[ Write WORKING keygen
| |--[ Write tutorial


You have to write (WORKING) keygen for this, NO patching alowed, just simple keygenerator...

I did not found any procedure to kill the NAG ! This NAG must be patched !
Am I right ?
I didn't search for procedures to enable the button, so my question is there any procedure or do we have to patch the button to.
29. Jan 2006
About the NAG you should read something about the Order Byte approach.
You can use this technique to show the Easter Egg instead of the NAG :)
29. Jan 2006
I can kill the NAG easyly. All you have to do is enable the Timer and put Interval 1 in it, and the NAG will close imediatly. The other way is to show the Easter Egg. But all of that is PATCHING. And the author said NO PATCHING. So that the problem. I search to find some hiden function (like click some button to kill the NAG forever e.t.c.) but I didn't find any. SO WE MUST PATCH.
29. Jan 2006
You have to write (WORKING) keygen for this, NO patching alowed, just simple keygenerator...
You can send keygens (and tutorials) to (if you want)"

From the quote I don't think the author wants a loader.. just making sure people won't just patch it to accept any serial.
I think you just can't patch the serial check.

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