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This Requires Code Injection.

It Is Actually Possibe, But Is Kinda Strange.
I Can't Really Describe It Better Than With, It's A PatchMe That Needs Code Injection.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 09. May, 2008
Downloads: 848


Votes: 5
Crackme is quite bad.

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Solution by main, published 16. oct, 2008; download (5 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

09. May 2008
The goal is to make the crackme display a GoodBoy message box.
That's it.
09. May 2008
I think that he made a crackme and then NOPed everything.
It's not a good idea in itself as it causes many crashes and lacks explanations.

It doesn't do anything, that's the point.
You need to patch it so it displays a GoodBoy message box.
It crashes on Vista too.
09. May 2008
Uh, what the f ?
Are we supposed to make a messagebox and display a string ourself or what ?

If you want us to "modify" your code, it's alot easier to start something from scratch =).
09. May 2008
Cracked :S
I think..
Title: Hi
Text: Good-Boy! (or smtn like that)
KoЯn Rulz
10. May 2008
It's Not A Virus, It's Just That It's Got So Many NOP's That Some Virus Scanners Think It Is. (Ad-Aware, Bit Defender, And KasperSky Are TheOnly Ones I Know Of So Far.) Also Thanks For The Note About KasperSky, Sinok.
KoЯn Rulz
10. May 2008
I Have Windows Media Center Edition So I Don't See Why You Guys Are Having Issues.(Exept For On Vista)
10. May 2008
I cracked it, DigitalAcid cracked it too xD
And please, I beg you, Stop Writing LiKe ThiS.
KoЯn Rulz
10. May 2008
Sinok, If You Cracked It, Send In A Solution So That Noob's Can Be Helped.
10. May 2008
You won't get a solution, you can't make this file work on other computers, only on your own, TiGa knows what I'm talking about. ;P
10. May 2008
Yeah, the MessageBox API wasn't there, i had to fix it myself to see what we were supposed to do =).
10. May 2008
Dunno how you call it, but theoretically I know what happened, he noped something he shouldn't have. :|
24. May 2008
From what I understand this exe should display 2 messages boxes. Right?
Is it okay if the 2nd one has "OK" and "Cancel" instead of Yes and No?
04. Jul 2008
Ok the first message box is ok. I made some changes with LordPe and it works on all pc.

The first one doesn't want to appear. Give me an help please!
04. Jul 2008
mistake... the second messagebox doesn't want to appear. The first one is easy.
04. Jul 2008
I submitted a solution, but i'm not sure if that's what the author wants. Anyway, lets see what happens.
17. Oct 2008
Oops, I forgot that the crackme should show Yes and No! Sorry! But this is of course very easy to correct. Just change the style parameter.
19. Oct 2008
1. your "injected" crash on my machine (xp sp3).
since the "MessageBoxA" api is not imported in the file - the address is different on my comp.
can someone teach me how to inject "import the call" ?
2. the authur asked for YES NO Msgbox- so you need to do push 4 instead of push 0 before calling messagebox:
PUSH Injected.0040864C ; |Title = "Injected by main"
PUSH Injected.004085DC ; |Text = "Registered"
PUSH 0 ; |hOwner = NULL
CALL USER32.MessageBoxA ; \MessageBoxA
CALL kernel32.ExitProcess
19. Oct 2008

Quote from my solution:
"Search for all Names (Ctrl+N) and right click on MessageBoxA, select "Follow import on Dissasembler".
We have to do it this way because the file is packed and we cannot call imported functions because of that."


And yes, the style parameter is 4 in that case.
08. Dec 2008
wtf, in archive prog is not run ...
10. Nov 2009
I cracked it and recorded a tutorial but it won't upload correctly (maybe its too big?). Here is the [flash] tutorial for anyone who wants to learn:
11. Jul 2010
crap... just crashes on run.

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