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Just write a keygen.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Unix/linux etc.
Language: C/C++

Published: 05. Sep, 2005
Downloads: 676


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Solution by lagalopex, published 28. jan, 2008; download (13 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

29. Sep 2005
you compiled this crackme on FreeBSD

I'm running my own version of Linux From Scratch 6.1.

the info in the elf file won't even let me run it on my system with out editing some info.

offset 0xF4 you will find /libexec/

on my system i had to change it to

then it seems to be runing old versions of some of the libs im runing that didnt have link pointed to them so i just patched in what i had here is the list changed to changed to changed to

sure i could of just made some symbolic links but at the time this was faster for me.
17. Oct 2005
If you need a linux version, leave a message and I'll try get one to you
02. May 2007
If you still have the source... a linux build would be great 8-)
25. Jan 2008
Well, I now can fish the serials...
They work in the plain executable without any debugger/LD_PRELOAD/whatever
But selfkeygening is not allowed, rigth ;)

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