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Hey everyone,

Here again a new project i wrote. I had some new inspiration and converted it to a challange ;) This time you need to find a valid Serial key. Second is to write your own keygen.

Good luck!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 13. Nov, 2014
Downloads: 454


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Solution by baderj, published 09. dec, 2014; download (579 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

27. Nov 2014
Working serial:
Username: IamLupo
Serial: A8G4-5rBX-hQEv-oi42
27. Nov 2014
I hardly think its a 3, aside from your common C++ over-bloating that most people don't like. Still okay for someone starter. Too many nested arrays. Why abuse C++ classes for this?
28. Nov 2014
Quote: "I hardly think its a 3, aside from your common C++ over-bloating that most people don't like."
I respect your opinion, but please don't talk for others. There is no one else commenting here,... and if they do quote there opinions.

Quote: "Too many nested arrays. Why abuse C++ classes for this?"
This challange just need those arrays. But what do you mean with abusing C++ classes? any explaining maybe?

I thinking you miss the hole point of the crackme challange. First figure out what the program does, and then tackle the problem. I have a feeling you have problems with the first stage.
28. Nov 2014
amLupo: You missed my comment, I didn't say it was bad, just not a difficulty of 3 at least. I didn't have to write anything in public so I don't ruin it for others and no I didn't miss the the idea behind it, No problem with me taking this private. :)
05. Dec 2014
I want to know to how to program it, that's great! But I can't enable to do it!
11. Dec 2014
I think it's impossible to reverse x)
Can you give me some help ?
12. Dec 2014
@oXYgen: maybe read the solution of baderj. Else look at my first comment. There you find a working serial. debug it and try to find the element you need to generate your own serial ;)
If you understand the code and you got the element and you combine it you can make easily a keygen.

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