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CrackMe 3 by Hellsp@wn
name: CrackMe3.exe
packed: no
compiler: Delphi 7
target: find valid s/n or patch it.

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 08. Dec, 2006
Downloads: 699


Votes: 3
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Solution by Gyver75, published 19. may, 2009; download (2625 kb), password: or browse.

Gyver75 has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

09. Dec 2006
see this topic at =)
10. Dec 2006
there no s.n. only discussion =)
13. Jan 2007
it's very hard? =\
28. Mar 2009
Hi! I found on the net this funny crackme! I bypass almost antidebug tricks: inline hooking, Hardware breakpoints detection and int3 scan with other thread (Very Bad, if the prog is under debugging, modifies some locations used to calculate the serial making it unusable);but i have a question: if i put the correct serial, the dialog form answers with a "Reg Data Checking..."? Clearly, i understand the routine behing Reg Code [10:15]... (serial's form: ********-*****-***)
12. Apr 2009
Hi! I stop in to decrypt routine to generate 'Registered...' message. Analysing the code in Olly, i expect that the initial address stays in the range of 0x004548XX offsets because this block ( long more or less 0x68 bytes...) is clearly encrypted.But all serials (i.e xxxxxxxx-0c01-xxx or xxxxxxxx-0C03-xxx),calculated by this supposition, don't generate the right code! I forgot anything ?
19. Apr 2009
Hi, after a deeper analysis i found the solution! I'have forgot to consider the only address initialized in the other thread! But now the message 'You real a good cracker! Respect! ' appears ... ;)
19. May 2009
gyver sol fuck rocks one of the best sol ever :)
27. Feb 2011
As a_tek7 suggested me, there's a little bug in my keygen cause an error about format string parameter passed to wsprintf() function: %8X indeed %08X! Sorry for this mistake ...!

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