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Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 03. Sep, 2013
Downloads: 260


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Solution by s3Rious, published 24. sep, 2013; download (21 kb), password: or browse.

s3Rious has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by demoth, published 05. sep, 2013; download (29 kb), password: or browse.

demoth has rated this crackme as boring.

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Discussion and comments

04. Sep 2013
Can i have a real combo for this keygenme? As i coded my kgm, hard to find a name which has a serial.
04. Sep 2013
idid231, for example:
name: demoth
serial: 29E7E9B5A
05. Sep 2013
Very well, your key is good, thank you demoth, i need to see why my keygen doesn't work.
06. Sep 2013
So quick! I still don't know where i'm wrong even read your solution.

As i know Input serial is: yEx
My name: Lovemagic gives 01461C3F => x = 1C3F
i compute my serial:
y = (x + 0x7E) div 4 (i changed div 4 to shr,2 too)
y = y xor 0x2EC9
=> y = 0x29E6

but in keygen: Lovemagic has 69E6 as serial i wonder where i'm wrong, look at demoth's src i see my code is same as his
06. Sep 2013
01461C3F => x = 1C3F, y = 0146
x1 = ror2(x + 0x7E) ^ 0x2EC9;
y1 = (y ^ 0x4DE2) << 1;
06. Sep 2013
i see, it's in your source code, but as i said
x1 = ror2(x + 0x7E) = (0x1C3F + 0x7E) div 4 = 72F
0x72F xor 0x2EC9 = 29E6.

Your keygen gives me 69E6 instead, could you please help me find where i'm wrong.
06. Sep 2013
ror2 != div 4. div 4 equals shr 2.
If you're coding in vb you need something like this for ror2:
(val div 4) + (val mod 4) * (2 ^ 14)
07. Sep 2013
Great, Thank for your info!

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