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this is simple game written in .net 3.5
this crackme use cpu id and hard disk id
so game is disabled while it is demo ,if you want crack it you should enable buttons ,
i think it is not difficult, i don't have time to Analise this crack (i am student) some one crack it .

"this is my friend algorithm"

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 26. Nov, 2010
Downloads: 760


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Solution by draww, published 28. nov, 2010; download (441 kb), password: or browse.

draww has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

27. Nov 2010
solved it & submitted my solution. the game alikes MineSweeper, right? ;)
27. Nov 2010
yes that's right !
i crack it to
28. Nov 2010
well that's normal i guess, isn't it? aren't you the author of this cm? :p
28. Nov 2010
@draww check the modnotes
28. Nov 2010
now I see, when I dlded this cm, the note wan't there. and I didn't check twice :D anyways thanks for the tip..
28. Nov 2010
yes it is my friend code, i crack it ! :D
but solution N/A :D
link :
28. Nov 2010
oh. draww tnk for solution .
28. Nov 2010
your welcome for the solution.

but unfortunately your crack is not complete. as i mentioned in my tut, patching disabled buttons won't be good. You can click them but the game is not starting. See screenshot:

At least you tried, that's the point! Good night all ;)
06. Dec 2010
For the lazy one... one br reversed does the trick also

if (crypto.DecryptText("0JcT5U3uSlmaNmEJnzPg+/OL2z5RngZt0UJGUiyvF/HHz7wbKlKp+cUFzLrQOLgi") == CID)

Just reverse this br

25 brfalse -> (73) ret
07. Dec 2010
yes it should work, but finding the key takes same time as patching it :D
30. Sep, 02:06
hello the key is



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