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** CrackMe #1 by dip32e

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Coded in assembler.
Happy cracking :)

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 30. Jan, 2009
Downloads: 1785


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Solution by main, published 05. feb, 2009; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by macduff, published 05. feb, 2009; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by sghctoma, published 05. feb, 2009; download (13 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

01. Feb 2009
Great one; I hadn't seen that method for checking for debugger before.
02. Feb 2009
How many correct passwords must the keygen produce? Is like 4 passwords enough?
02. Feb 2009
@main: Yes. However, the best solution is random s/n generation algorithm (all correct passwords).
04. Feb 2009
Nice that it uses TIB->PEB. I like that. Solution on the way.
17. Feb 2009
oooh yay this is my first crackme ever, lol and i solved it without using a runtime debugger, i just read the dissassembly , i must say pretty nice, and i even found the point where you check for the debugger :D
22. Jun 2009
perl -e "for($i=9;$i--;){print $i?chr(97+($i-(97%$i))+(int(rand(int(25/$i)))*$i)):"\n";}"
30. Jul 2009
Very interesting anti-debugging method, first time i see something like that :D
30. Aug 2009
@Kainat... if that is a routine for serial generation... it is forbidden to post it here.
30. Aug 2009
lol... I have python keygen... if someone wants to see it, message me.
08. Apr 2011
I am still learning tha BASICS of cracking, it surely takes a smart person. I tried cracking this myself and i couldnt work it right, i tried all 3 solutions and nothing in tha solutions match what i have or see in my debugger/disassembler. I use olly, there are no intermodular calls, or any coding that suggests anything they show on solutions. I try hiew but then i cant run debugger with it that i know of. its one dead end road after another.. help if anybodys interested...
12. Apr 2011
s0cial integir, I feel your pain. I'm a newbie myself it wasn't so long ago I was where you are now. It not so much smartness thats needed but knowledge. Anyone who thinks there is an easy path to it is mistaken. Have you started with Lena151's tutorials yet? They're the way to go believe me.

Where are you stuck exactly? There are 9 intermodular calls I noticed. This program uses a trick to confuse an unmodified Olly - find a fixed edition or study some tuts. I used an find API call search, GetDialogItemTextA and set a BP on that but you could just step the code - the serial algorithm is right beneath it. Heres a hint - find out what CDQ and DIV do. Good luck!
15. Nov 2014
Hi! Very cool crackme for a complete beginner like me. First ever keygen I wrote, second solved crackme ever. Thanks guys for making these beginner level too. To you it might be too "booring", but it was fun for me to learn.

Link is pastebin for C# keygen.

(Sorry about the variable names, i made this while I couldn't sleep and didn't think about showing it to others. I think the algorithm is self-explanatory to an extent) :)

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