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- Author : D4ph1

- File : D4ph1 - Crackme#2.exe

- Programming Language : Assembler

- Compiler : MASM32

- OS : Windows

- Type : Name/Serial

- Difficulty : 1/10 [For Newbies]

- Protection : Not packed or protected by any program

- Target : Make a keygenerator.

- Rules : Patching is not allowed. You must understand the main idea of the algorithm, DON'T JUST RIP THE CODE!

- Tip : The Serial is generated using a key which produced by a mathematic quiz that some friends forced me to solve :)

- Greets : Mitsos for learning me the quiz, and everyone out there I know or know me!


Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 09. Dec, 2005
Downloads: 1118


Votes: 7
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Solution by Seco_1, published 06. jan, 2006; download (6 kb), password: or browse.

Seco_1 has rated this crackme as quite nice.

Solution by Tenshi, published 22. dec, 2005; download (26 kb), password: or browse.

Tenshi has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

10. Dec 2005
Anyone tried this?
12. Dec 2005
iam going to do it ;-)
13. Dec 2005
i have my key ^^, going to analyse ur routine.....
13. Dec 2005
ok its an big routine....iam on the keygen.....
nice crackem ^^
good for noobs like me ;-)
13. Dec 2005
I hope you really find out whats going on in the routine ;)
Anyone else?
16. Dec 2005
I received the second message saying that the key is produced by adding a 01h between each hex value...This is not correct...
Come on its not that hard!;)
16. Dec 2005
"Tip : The Serial is generated using a key which produced by a mathematic quiz that some friends forced me to solve :)"

Looks like this: ? :)
Your routine is well thought, for beginners as you said. The keygen is really worth to be coded for all beginners. Congrats.
17. Dec 2005
Yeah thats the quiz! I didn't know this site! Thought I don't know if you should have posted the solution...;)
18. Dec 2005
I put a keygen on my website two days ago, maybe it can interest one of you.
( )
18. Dec 2005
HMX0101 I don't know how your comment removed...:/
I didn't remove it
18. Dec 2005
I removed the comment. Directly from our faq:
"You can also use the 'Discussion and comments' section available for every crackme; please, don't post comments like "I have solved the crackme" or "Solved! Serial is xxx"
29. Jan 2006
hey D4ph1!
good crackme for begginers like me, eventhough the routine was a little longer than what i expected

this was my first crackme...can ya tell me if i can improve some stuff


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