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easy keygenme.
No patching , just write a keygen which generate valid keys.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 20. Mar, 2011
Downloads: 863


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Solution by givses, published 15. aug, 2013; download (11 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by idid231, published 28. apr, 2011; download (688 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

04. Apr 2011
hmmm okay needs some help here det licens 1 must be 20 numers long and licens 2 must be 8 numers long but den it makes som check that don't understand...

it runs this loop

004075B1 mov ebx, dword ptr ds:[eax+ecx]
004075B4 cmp ebx, dword ptr ds:[edx+ecx]
004075B7 jne short KEYGENME_[easy].004075C0 <--- if it jumps out of the loop here you get the bad boy Msg later so yes i could patch it here but the ruls says not to ;)
004075B9 add ecx, 4
004075BC js short KEYGENME_[easy].004075B1
04. Apr 2011
No no check again please
Length of 2 linceses aren't problem
Here is address begin the algo
004BFCF6 and after here
004BFDFC you will see real serial :)
GoodLuck :)
05. Apr 2011
Hmmm i can se what you mean and i can se some pass but it got some letters in it and i can only write numbers... I'm looking forward to se at solution on this one so i can learn a bit :)
09. Apr 2011
I have no idea how reverse engineering works, I have ollydbg, and attempting to use it to crack these but I just dont get it. How can I learn?
09. Apr 2011
Learn by practice, you should read seris tut made by lena151 :) After that, go here and find some crack/keygenme level 1-2, try and try, read solution if don't understand :) GoodLuck :)
09. Apr 2011
there are no links here can you give me the links somehow
09. Apr 2011
I can but i won't search by goole. Good Luck :)
And here, all tut for you:
09. Apr 2011
ok thank you so much idid231 =)
14. Apr 2011
No solution for this keygenme ¿
15. Apr 2011
i will share a solution , probably as soon as i decode the algorithm :)
18. Apr 2011
Well, this kgm seem don't easy for newer, sent solution :)
01. May 2011
ok thank your so much for your share

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