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It's time for crackme4.
I wish that you will have fun defeating it ! If U can :p

Code: ASM
Protection: Custom
Level: 3 (i think)


Required: Make a keygen or patch (but a keygen is better)
Required: submit a tuto on
Required: Rate it !

Optional: Unpack
Optional: Describe the protector.


>>> everything is allowed but,
>>> serial fishing is not a valid solution

tested on WinXP PRO SP2, WinXP Home SP1, and Win2K3 server Entreprise Edition.

You could send me your solution or bug report (email is in my profile)

Good work !


Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: Assembler

Published: 12. Sep, 2007
Downloads: 1255


Votes: 5
Crackme is quite nice.

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Solution by red477, published 16. sep, 2007; download (140 kb), password: or browse.

red477 has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

14. Sep 2007
nice crackme, znycuk. working on it!
14. Sep 2007
Thanks red477.
Waiting for your solution ;)
14. Sep 2007
I'm working on it, too, but I'm getting absolutely nowhere :(
14. Sep 2007
To help you, you can read the solution to my 3rd ckme.
As some part are similar.
15. Sep 2007
i unpacked it, i found it interesting...similar to telock and something like that now i'm trying to write a keygen.
15. Sep 2007
very nice... I'm really impatient to read your solution.

Yes, you're right some idea provides from telock, but with less efficiency, i think.

I'm already working on crackme#5, which will be packed too, but this time i'll try to make it harder than this one.
16. Sep 2007
As you also know, i'll write a solution as soon as i can...unpack was interesting and also keygen is simple to do!
16. Sep 2007
Nice work red477 and nice solution.
Well you know, i'm a newbie in protector coding too ;)
And you're right, too much well known trick...

But, i will do all my best to give you a more interresting challenge in #5.

Again, well done.

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