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KeyGenMe v0.1 by ZaZa
1. Written on VISUAL BASIC. NET
2. Do not obfuscated
3. Not packed

1. Find the serial number or write a key generator
2. Write a description of the algorithm
3. Don't patch

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 16. May, 2012
Downloads: 367


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Discussion and comments

28. May 2012
Once 200 people have downloaded KeyGenMe and will not be a solution, I'll post KeyGen ...
I think so, that this KeyGenMe was too complicated...
31. May 2012
It's not that hard, you just made it annoying to reverse (for instance with forbidden pasting, code is quite long and you ask us to type it in?) I also had to recompile some of my tools just so I could launch it.
04. Jun 2012
For you it may not be difficult! But KeyGenMe downloaded by many people, but there is still no solution!
And maybe when you insert the code you use WinAPI?
04. Jun 2012
Serial uses unprintable characters and I do not know how this will behave on the website, but in any case, here you go:

name: tamaroth
84e0BcCdcszmJ=c|K`j^9yhL19<}t`?nknS?6+3j4kkzg6w{xx#qk@&"oiqR!f~VElbghm -mIhT8apT4cyehzVhjwaIQpAal|~f}fQuqU.vjiH/iqgmzUt~yrPe{Unu^$r`rppsktH0{pgyn{GllyuL2i}bvdY&kz`u|\'wivly`YfspubB3yhgzbxE
04. Jun 2012
Well, it seems something is lost in translation, here's a screenshot:

There are few problems with the way crackme gets input serial as well as with decoding it. Because of that there are many serials that cannot be generated in the way I did it, they would have to be generated slightly differently for every name. Much simpler way would be for this crackme to take serial in base64 form for instance and then decode it, with that you could generate a correct serial for every name.

The biggest pain with this kgm is the need of writing in VisualBasic, I had no idea that the language is still in use.
04. Jun 2012
Good work, tamaroth!

The serial number can contain non-printable characters and CRC calculation has not been tested for a length of 8 characters. This is my flaw! I'm sorry...

And Visual Basic not much different from C++, especially in Visual Studio .Net, as it still compiles to IL-code!

Soon I'll post a KeyGen... Thanks to all!!
05. Jun 2012
You can download my keygen, patched crackme (so you can run it with tools in the background and you can paste the key) and the source of my keygen here:
05. Jun 2012
sir , which language use to crack a software

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