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One of my first keygenme's in a long time. Was made to let newbies have a chance at getting into keygenning and hopefully lead into harder and harder ones.

make a keygen, do whatever you need to for this, just submit solution and keygen

serial fishing should be extremely easy, but then again - that wasn't the point was it?

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 12. Sep, 2007
Downloads: 1412


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Solution by kienmanowar, published 21. jan, 2008; download (153 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by lurchi, published 23. sep, 2007; download (11 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by cyclops, published 23. sep, 2007; download (15 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

21. Sep 2007
This solution is wrong.. or not completely ok!
try entering name: I was a bit faster :)
correct serial is 41 not 97 as your keygen gives out.

Also there is no 14 chars limit for name..

take look at here for what i beeleave to be correct solution to this:

Regards, ChupaChu!
22. Sep 2007
ChupaChu is correct, there is also no min of chars too.
22. Sep 2007
i try to get serial.
i think your keygen have bug.

try to user [a...z] or [0..9] then on serial just enter.
it registere lol

your algorithm someting like this
user : mahdi --->ahhdddiiii
then if i use this user ---> ma then have --->aa

now just enter serial number. 97
means user : ma - serial : 97 - it registered :-?

My registration
anybody have idea?
22. Sep 2007
Impostor, i tried 0123456789 for name and just hit enter for serial.. and it is not working what you say. I think you confuzed something.

Also take notice that it is a weak keygen algo, so aa, ba,ca,da,.. will all have the same key.. its perfectly normal i guess :)
22. Sep 2007
u say its no correct ?

isay just enter user name [0..9] means
user just 1
password = noting just enter
user just r
password = noting just enter

whats your registration message ?
26. Sep 2007
Now i got it.. if one letteris netered correct serial would be 0, but also if nothing is entered, it is interpreted as zero (0) and keygen check it out as correct serial :)

Yes i think you can say it is a bug, zart will have to watch for it next time :)

Regards, ChupaChu!
16. Dec 2007
Love the tunes! ;)

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