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1. Find my "good boy message".
2. Keygen (+ source) is a must.
3. patch,bruteforce etc. not allowed
4. write tut

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 08. Sep, 2008
Downloads: 496


Votes: 3
Crackme is boring.

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Solution by DeepBlueSea, published 27. sep, 2008; download (271 kb), password: or browse.

DeepBlueSea has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

08. Sep 2008
When I put in the right code, the program exits!

At least I believe it's the correct code, it don't exit when I put in the wrong code!

No debuggers running and using the original CrackMe!
09. Sep 2008
ah made a keygen, but a tute would take too long

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