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hello all
i have posted the crackMe here because my crackme is maked in Qbasic and is so funny to crack this langage
patching is authorized

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: DOS
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 02. Oct, 2007
Downloads: 770


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Solution by br0ken, published 11. oct, 2007; download (58 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

03. Oct 2007
I stumbled over the password and the program says I'm a "Good Cracker!" - but I have no idea how to deal with this crackme in an organized way...
03. Oct 2007
Same thing, stumbled upon the hardcoded pass.
03. Oct 2007
Your head is the best tool to use every time. ;)
04. Oct 2007
He he, TiGa - sometimes I wish for a better tool :)
But perhaps it is necessary to know something about QBasic in this case?
04. Oct 2007
Nope... you don't have to know anything about QBasic.
You can solve this if you know some hex editing. That's all!
04. Oct 2007
br0ken, do you mean load the crackme in a hex editor and have a look? That is not solving - it wouldn't work if the password wasn't hardcoded.
I can't break in the crackme in any way - not even using point H (hmemcpy).
04. Oct 2007
It's not the best way, but it is one way of solving, instead of putting BP[s] on API call[s].
As for this CM, the pass is hardcoded, that's why it is a solution [atleast i think it is, i'll leave the mods to decide].
What's wrong in hex editing?
Moreover, patching is authorized. So i'm at liberty to do what I want to get the pass. Even if it means hex editing.
PS : I used notepad. It's alot easier.
04. Oct 2007
Notepad works but what if it didn't?

Like any other crackme, it needs to be unpacked then disassembled and/or debugged.

QBasic is the free compiler that came with Dos (and gorilla.bas), many many years ago.
04. Oct 2007
br0ken, of course you are free to find the password in any way you choose, but I would like to know how to enter the crackme. There are three threads, the main thread and two others, and one of them must check the arbitrary password I enter and decide if it is correct. But I can't even find my password anywhere in memory at any time.
The program is compiled with the ancient QBasic, but still it is a program that can run on todays computers, so it must be possible to get into it, but how? I am rather mystified...
04. Oct 2007
Zaphod, Ok, my way is of finding the pass is noobish, but it works.
"I am rather mystified..." So am I.
I've managed to run it in Olly [raised quite a few exceptions!]. I'm guessing Olly just isn't designed for 16 bit apps ;)
And it's packed too? [How do you find out?]
This one is harder than I thought.
OllyDump and LordPE don't work with 16 bit apps [correct me if i'm wrong].
That having said, I have no idea how to unpack this.
Maybe i'll leave this to the experts ;)
04. Oct 2007
Before disassembling the program, Ida told me it could be packed.
I checked with my 10 year-old packer detector and indeed, it was packed by the compiler itself.

It's a Dos crackme BTW. I thought it had been changed in the description.
12. Oct 2007
My program said it was packed with E****** 5.**.*** and unpacked it.
Still wondering how we are supposed to solve this without Notepad.
13. Oct 2007
Think about the tools that were available 10 or more years ago.
Qbasic came included with Dos, so did a debugger.
14. Oct 2007
You mean the one that's shipped with Windows.
Run--> cmd--> debug proggie.exe?

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