downloadbrowsexylitol's Xyl Crypto-KeygenMe 2: rEvErs0rEd

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Da rulz:
- No Patching
- No self keygenning (Forbidden!)
- Make a Keygen
- Write a tutorial and send it :)

Happy keygening & thanks for attention :)

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 20. May, 2010
Downloads: 1180


Votes: 8
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Solution by Office Jesus, published 20. jul, 2010; download (39 kb), password: or browse.

Office Jesus has rated this crackme as boring.

Solution by KKR_WE_RULE, published 19. may, 2010; download (261 kb), password: or browse.

KKR_WE_RULE has rated this crackme as boring.

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Discussion and comments

15. May 2010
Quite nice keygen me. I've liked gfx effects. Solution uploaded.
16. May 2010
Ok... Got ya pm.. Submitted my soln.
But ya know, I am not a gr8 tut writer, so cant guarantee that it'll get accepted.

But c'mon, ya could have done something more to the kgm to make it a challenge.
20. May 2010
nice solution :) but you was wrong in this:
"But Base64 signatures are there because of the ExeCryptor."
the execryptor is just a fake signature you can look at ap0x's website ;) it have no relationship with base64 :p

link: _
20. May 2010
lol.. I came to that conclusion as the Base64 wasn't used anywhere in the algo.

I didn't really do a research on the execryptor :p
but realised that it was fake as had it not been so, it would
have been a pain in the butt to reverse it in olly, without unpacking it :p
Office Jesus
12. Jul 2010
I'm late to the party, but this is the first BigNum keygenme I've solved. Thanks for the challenge, Xyl.
12. Jul 2010
did ya submit a soln ?

Congratz man :)
Office Jesus
12. Jul 2010
I'm waiting for mods to review it, but I can understand if they trash it. It was a very hastily written tutorial.

12. Jul 2010
I believe it will be accepted :)

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