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This is a keygenme/reverseme, the scheme is written bymyself..

There's a wrapper, but the unwrapper code is buggy (needs to be patched in one place to reveal the real code), this is meant to be!

Found where to patch ? Goodie, then you have to change something else... otherwise the application will crash (a good hint is know how a PE-file and its sections works).

Done? Then it's only the keygenning part, don't use anything else than a-z A-Z in the username-field, otherwise it maybe not work as intended.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: Assembler

Published: 05. Aug, 2008
Downloads: 288


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Solution by SnakingMax, published 09. feb, 2016; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

31. Jul 2008
keygenme.exe.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
What can I do?
31. Jul 2008
It's one of the challenges of this crackme, as written in the description.
"There's a wrapper, but the unwrapper code is buggy (needs to be patched in one place to reveal the real code), this is meant to be!"
31. Jul 2008
A wrapper is a very simple packer.
The wrapper encrypted part of the code so the unwrapper must decrypt it during runtime.
There's 2 things to fix to make it run: 1 byte and 1 something else.
It's easier to fix the something else first.
31. Jul 2008
All over it's a nice KeygenMe, but I found some flaws.

Length checking would be useful and
the Char Table in the keygenme is buggy.
"a-z A-Z in the username-field"
what about D and S ;)

Thank you for this keygenme :>, files sent by pm.
01. Aug 2008
Nice keygenme.. but its buggy as Till said.. the char table doesn't contains D,S and 0... another bug, if you enter more than 20 chars it will start overwriting the serial! :/.. anyway, still is enjoyable ;)
06. Aug 2008
ok here´s the new version. Also fixed so that the editboxes doesnt allow more chars than the length of the variables. Seemed to work for me :)
07. Aug 2008
one strange found:
@0040118B: retn 01

one true bug:
EDI register not preserved, while used in calculations.
07. Aug 2008
huh?! The first one is how i coded it, was thinking about doing something with it, but forgot to implement :)
About the second one, wich of the calculations are u thinking about ?
07. Aug 2008
which uses EDI!
07. Aug 2008
Just tried to get a key for my name... and guess what?

004032AB 38 4A 47 8JG
004032BB 37 2D 37 00 00 00 2D 63 46 4D 48 2D 47 00 2D 47 7-7...-cFMH-G.-G

It can't generate a valid serial for it... another bug?
Damn.. mate i think you should take your time to fix it fully :)

@jE: in the last three calculations, EDI is preserved and that's bad because you can get some null chars (see my name as example)... before every use of EDI you need to clear it (if you don't plain to use it in another way ;)

07. Aug 2008
Haha ok, just set a breakpoint on the last call testing my nick wich worked... so well thought it should work since no major changes was made (and not in that functions :P)
But, i got my idea what causes it.
08. Aug 2008
Nice keygenme.

@HMX0101: the serial routine does work, it could be worth spending a bit more time on. There might be more factors to consider for the valid serial generation than just your name.
09. Aug 2008
@Grift you're right. For those getting this 0x0h-problem, try enter the bogus serial in another format.

But, it was not my intention have this problem, but if it occours, its you who is doing something crazy, since i've been able to generate valid keys for all those saying it's not possible :>

Also, if you get this bug, you got an half-generated serial, try replaceing them(the 0x0's) with a random A-Z-char and try to generate again, i can promise u that u will get a correct generated serial.

Next time i better don't be drunk doing algos since i don't remember the factors when iam sober :>
12. Aug 2008
there's some code at the end searching for chars in the table, but it seems they are useless
Am I wrong???
I made a keygen that can solve if no bugs occur
@xvpz: PM sent
05. Oct 2008
This crackme should be considered solved by simonzack. Tried his solu and it worked with the names i tested.

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