downloadbrowsexrem's XTrash v1.0 [Delphi]

Download, 35 kb (password:
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X-rem's XTrash CrackMe.
The difficulty of your crackme : [2.5] Getting harder... :}
Platform : Windows
//sorry for my bad english

I use only one {my own} KryptoFunction... Everything will crypted =)
But.... Password = encrypt(salt1+realpassword+salt2) ....etc 0.o
Put you hands into TrashBin and find password, and every day {it's hint}
password will change, so write keygen)

80% - Trash code.
5% - algo code.
3% - password string;)
12% - Resources.

Pacthing allowed.

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 23. Feb, 2009
Downloads: 305


Votes: 4
Crackme is boring crap.

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Solution by mazuki, published 11. mar, 2009; download (201 kb), password: or browse.

mazuki has rated this crackme as boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

23. Feb 2009
So.... let's begin!)
28. Feb 2009
Some simple patching will make it generate a valid "password" - eg. act as its own keygenerator.
Definitely not a : Difficulty 3.
01. Mar 2009
now i agree )
Diff: 1.5 )
08. Mar 2009
password never seems to change for me, i have 1 password that is always working
08. Mar 2009
Password never changes for me either, so I don't see how we can write a keygen for this... if password is always same.
09. Mar 2009
08 March will one password
09 March will another
09. Mar 2009
got it done with pass maker, will post tutorial and passmaker by the end of the day

sorry i missed the "every day password will change"

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