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Because of my College Entrance Examination, this KeygenMe was delayed.

1. The interface is similar to my last KeygenMe-KeygenMe20110405, but the code is different.
2. I spend 0.5 h thinking and 2 h programming.
3. I'm confident about this KeygenMe. Although it can be harder, I stopped. Step by step~ My next KeygenMe will be harder.
4. You can ask me for help at any time. And after crack it, send me your tutorial and Keygen. You will receive my annotated code.
5. I've written a 40 lines Test Keygen. So the Core procedure is short. HaHa~~~
6. I think you will make a mistake, so be carafully.

tutorial and Keygen

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 11. Jun, 2012
Downloads: 1365


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Solution by xiayuanzhong, published 06. jul, 2012; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by leepupu, published 25. jul, 2012; download (245 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

14. Jun 2012
Name: Bearchik
Pass: X3_BfcugmorJnk}ouw

I don't understand how calculate password length. I created table with all lengths from 6 to 14 symbols. :)
14. Jun 2012
function at 0040210E calculates password length depend on name's length.

Bzw, my pair:
16. Jun 2012
I used a Fibonacci-like function to work out the length, to be more exact, it is a 3-level-Fibonacci.
I will send the Keygen source then. Try more please!
19. Jun 2012
name : izlesa
pass : X3_i{nhw

20. Jun 2012
I dont get it with ollydbg i search in string for Erorr! Try Again but cant find. even manuely..
20. Jun 2012
Enter your name, click pause in OllyDbg.
You can search the name in memory.
When you find your entered name - use Breakpoint on memory on Access.
26. Jun 2012
name: yorath
password: X3_yptdx
10. Aug 2014
name: qwerty
password: X3_qxgux

I m pro :D
06. May 2015
With IDA search your string in memory with "alt+B". Each strings are hidden, not packed. very well written.
Good luck. I'm noob, did it in 2h. with many breakpoints.

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