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XYZ_KeygenMe 20110405

Difficulty: May be Hard( I can't crack it )

The solution can be:
1. Ten Names and Ten correct Passwords & How you crack it;(basic)
2.Keygen & How crack it;( Good )
3.Keygen & code( cannot be .asm ) & How you crack it;( Well-done )

Written by Xia Yuanzhong, a Chinese; and this is my second time to write KeygenMe
My Email-address is
You can ask me for hlep!~

Thanks for using it , and Good Luck!

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 23. Apr, 2011
Downloads: 922


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Solution by xiayuanzhong, published 11. jul, 2012; download (5 kb), password: or browse.

xiayuanzhong has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by BondCracked, published 28. apr, 2011; download (257 kb), password: or browse.

BondCracked has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

24. Apr 2011
Difficulty level is not 1. Perhaps 2
26. Apr 2011
Anyway, I can't crack it. But the code is very short(down to 200, and I set a lot of cheating jump,that's really not short)
26. Apr 2011
Could anybody please send me the solution? I'm new at reverse engineering and don't know how to go on 'cause I can't find the error-line which is printed. The only thing I found out is that the name and the password have to do with the months (January/ Jan) and the days of the week (Monday/ Mon). Thx in advance.
27. Apr 2011
I have the solution. Now I'm working on a tut. Thanks xiayuanzhong who approved the sources.
Please, you say that you can't crack it. How? Didn't you make the keygenme?
27. Apr 2011
da$mu are you talking about this Keygenme?
The password and the name haven't anything with the month and day.
Look it better.
27. Apr 2011
Re “da$mu”, My KeygenMe doesn't do with the months (January/ Jan) and the days of the week (Monday/ Mon).
And, BondCracked's solution is excellent, and he is now writing a tutorial.

Re"BondCracked", I don't know how to use OllyDebug to crack. I just recieve your tutorial email. I'll download and learn it, thanks a lot.

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