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The goal is to get a valid serial, no patching

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 15. Jun, 2008
Downloads: 537


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Solution by JoKa, published 14. oct, 2008; download (7 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

30. Sep 2008
Is anyone working on this one? I have two problems:

1. There is some antidebugging which I cannot pass. I would like to see a solution for this.

2. I can get to work on the serial algo by starting the crackme first and then attaching Olly - instead of running Olly first and then start the crackme.

I think I have figured out how the algo works, but I also think that it is impossible to find a solution. I hope some expert will have a look at it :)
02. Oct 2008
I was wrong - it can be solved. I got help from x4uth.

It's a really nice crackme. It doesn't take special math knowledge or anything, it just requires you to think ( which I didn't :)
04. Oct 2008
Stuck with the protection so far :P it's interesting.
04. Oct 2008
Haha, can't pass the protection :D it's sweet!
05. Oct 2008
ShadowRayzz, I still can't pass the protection, either, but run the crackme and attach Olly - then it works.
05. Oct 2008
When I attach it to Olly, I get a DbgBreakpoint thing...
I'm using a standard Olly version, so no anti-anti-debug stuff.
It seems to go better without attaching, but i still don''t quite figure out the protection =).
05. Oct 2008
The anti stuff is very easy to bypass... the trick is in the VirtualProtect api.. =)
And btw, it have anti-bp too ;p
06. Oct 2008
DigitalAcid: I have no problems attaching Olly, but that might be because I have the "AdvancedOlly" plugin...

HMX0101: If it is so easy, then please write a tutorial :)
06. Oct 2008
@Zaphod: i can run it inside my Olly without any problem :)
Did you try phant0m plugin?
06. Oct 2008
0x87: You are right! I tried ticking off all options in phantom, and then it runs fine!
Nevertheless, I would like to be able to pass the protection without phantom. I would probably learn something from that:)
07. Oct 2008
Would be amazing if anyone could submit a valid solution and detail how he did it :D
07. Oct 2008
Just a quick note, i notice that OllyDbg2 doesn't crash also without any plugin :)
07. Oct 2008
Thanks, 0x87.

In the meantime I have found out about the mystery (HMX0101 helped me). It has to do with the way Ollydbg1 handles VirtualProtect and PAGE_GUARD.
08. Oct 2008
Well, i passed the protection, seems like he added more then a single bad boy message and allot of conditional jumps, makes it a little hard :P
10. Oct 2008
Any hints to pass the protection? Thanks
13. Oct 2008
Laurance 1111:
call dword [ebp-18h]
at 401199 goes to PAGE_GUARD memory.
OllyDbg handles STATUS_PAGE_GUARDED exception as breakpoint.
To pass protection generate some other exception at address dword [ebp-18h] (for example, division by zero).
Or use some plugin to change OllyDbg behaviour.
Thanks to Zaphod, HMX0101 for hint.
16. Oct 2008
Zaphod showed me good idea of 2d-representation of "moves". This transforms mine field to labyrinth. Such idea allows to find solution without exhaustive search.
16. Oct 2008
Well, I have to admit I got the good idea from x4uth himself :)

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