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Patch this program to remove the shareware reminders.

Program is packed using a primitive homegrown packer.

There is a way to unpack this thing with very little effort.

Have fun!

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: C/C++

Published: 27. Oct, 2005
Downloads: 975


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Solution by deroko, published 30. oct, 2005; download (39 kb), password: or browse.

deroko has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

27. Oct 2005
nice one, solution submitted =)
27. Oct 2005

Wow very nice deroko u are a pro. ;)

I put it in RDG ----->ExECryptor v2.1.21

kao was solved it

27. Oct 2005
It isn't execryptor
27. Oct 2005
well maybe you should throw away peid, rdg and other exe analyzers and use debugger for a change... I don't use them...
28. Oct 2005
For the records: No execryptor.

What I did is write a really basic packer and tie it to that random-assembly-nonsense-generator I used earlier.

Yesterday it created the execryptor signature, tomorrow it will create powerpoint 2007 completely by accident! ;-)

ps: good work, deroko!
28. Oct 2005
"Patch this program to remove the shareware reminders."

Hehe, you can aswell skip the whole window procedure ;P
I like that Haystack generator :)

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