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I wrote a little program to password-protect .EXE files.

1) What is the password of this .EXE ?
2) (optional) When the program was finished and I tested it I ran into a problem I did not expect. What is it?
3) (very optional) How do I solve freecell game #13320?

COMPATIBILITY: tested on W2K, XPSP1 and XPSP2. Be sure to have the DLL in the same directory.

Have fun! WV

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 09. Sep, 2006
Downloads: 716


Votes: 3
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Solution by Zaphod, published 16. oct, 2006; download (69 kb), password: or browse.

Zaphod has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

10. Sep 2006
ok, i solved the game 13320 ok freecell, but not you crackme...
10. Sep 2006
3. How do I solve freecell game #13320?
Press Ctrl-Shift-F10, Abort, Move any card to any place and you win!!!
10. Sep 2006
HMX0101, you are right. Man, this is hilarious, a cheatcode for freecell!

Good job EvOlUtIoN! You did use another method than the one proposed by HMX0101 I presume?
10. Sep 2006
Your crackme is good, warrantyVoider (as usual). There is nothing new, but it is well implemented. Good work :)
04. Oct 2006
YESSSSS, I did it! I found the password!
warrantyVoider, the first game I was really hooked on, was "Exile" on the BBC Microcomputer, which makes me a little older than your crackme's guess.
I think this crackme is really good, but I'll need a hint to figure out what your unexpected problem is...
04. Oct 2006
Bravo Zaphod!

The unexpected problem: I now only check the checksum for an interval that is guaranteed to be pure code, because the checksums of the other intervals are often wrong. I avoid crypting data directories etc., so it seems like some DLLs (like the Visual C++ Runtime) patch stuff into the data sections of the executable when they load. I haven't had time to dig deeper into this, though.

I'm looking forward to your solution!
04. Oct 2006
If I write a solution I'm not sure it will be accepted, because I don't really understand what is going on in the crackme. I just patched the DLL so that it became it's own bruteforcer, but what happens with the checksums and encryptions I know nothing about.
The moderators will probably want to hear about those things.
05. Oct 2006
I can't speak for the moderators, but this is exactly the kind of solutions I had in mind.

Besides there is not much more going on. The .EXE calls DLL.decrypt(startInterval,intervalLength,expected checksum) for all encrypted intervals then jumps to OEP.

The DLL decrypts the interval with "password = enteredPassword+startingAddress" then verifies if the checksum is correct. If not it terminates the program, if yes it returns. But if the checksum has been correct on the first call it is not verified on subsequent calls. (See above).

If you know the password you also know the encryption algorithm. That's it. You didn't miss any mysteries ;-)
05. Oct 2006
I'm not so sure about not missing any mysteries, but I'll write a tutorial in which I simply describe what I did to find the password.
08. Oct 2006
Seems i aproved a non working solution.
Zaphod, please check the message i sent and correct it so we can aprove it
08. Oct 2006
I have XP SP1 and my solution works fine here. If it works on SP1, shouldn't it work on SP2 too?
What about the password I stated? Surely that must correct on the original crackme?
16. Jul 2008
nice test for the age :S
jiji good work @Zaphod
17. Jul 2008
This is for solitaire in Windows XP.

Move a card, before releasing it press Ctrl+A, while still holding that combination, release the card... You can place them anywhere xD lol

Or just Shift+Alt+2 = Instant Win
17. Jul 2008
PS: If you hit Shift+Alt+2 right after 30 seconds of playtime, you'll get a bonus xD
17. Jul 2008
PS: After the bonus, and it asks if you want to start again, hit no, and press Alt+Shift+2 again to get the bonus twice.. Keep doing that, and you'll score millions xD
17. Jul 2008
Okay... Just found out that when it asks if you want to start a new game, you can hold down Shift+Alt+2 and just hit No.. (Keep pressing the combination)

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