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This crackme is built using some of the ideas from CrackMe#3, but it is much more fun!

The main algorithm is based on a well known puzzle, but just messed around a bit so not to make it too obvious.

1) No patching
2) Find the 2nd key to make a matched pair.
3) Write a solution when you are done, a keygen isnt required, just a tutorial.

Have fun and enjoy!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 05. Jun, 2008
Downloads: 1958


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Solution by obnoxious, published 23. jun, 2008; download (7 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

22. Jun 2008
For those who were waiting for a solution who bit their nails up trying to write a bruteforcer hoping to solve it i have uploaded a solution so that you could read it n think was it really that easy........... :-)
23. Jun 2008
@obnoxious nice work!
Just couldn't get into that one myself!
Not knowing the puzzle didn't help...
23. Jun 2008
thanks for appreciating. At times i am too smart and at times you can see me writing dumb comments all over ;)
09. Jul 2008
Thanks obnoxious for your great tut, well written and a good read!

Im looking into obfustication methods for my next crackme, and trying to stop .NET reflectors from reading my code!!!

10. Jul 2008
good luck on next crackme :) maybe i'll try make a working control flow deobfuscator

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