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Your task for this CrackMe is to recover the number's for all of the serial keys, the relationship between the number's & keys, and only when you have all 8 you have finished.

The number is different for each serial, but they have similarities ;|

TIP: Bruteforcing will probably work best.


1) Patching is allowed, even though it won't help you much ;)
2) Find out the number's for all Serial's.
3) Bruteforcing is also allowed.
4) If you get all the numbers's, write a tutorial on how you did it, also include any programs that you coded in the process of cracking it etc.

Any comment's welcome, so good luck and enjoy! :)

Greetz to all fellow reverse engineer's, and n00b's lol $)

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 24. May, 2008
Downloads: 511


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Solution by costy, published 26. jul, 2008; download (336 kb), password: or browse.

costy has rated this crackme as awesome.

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Discussion and comments

31. May 2008
Hi all

Ive had a recent question from obnoxious asking if this crackme is even possible!

I know that it is DEFINATELY possible because i have managed to recover the numbers through bruteforcing, using only the information you would have.

So if you are having doubts or couldnt do it, then have a go :)

04. Jul 2008
i tried to bruteforce all number from 10000000 to 99999999 in order to find a macth with E9A1-CFE4-A2D6-D19B-E1E2.

I took like 4 hours and i didn't find anything. :-(
24. Jul 2008
There I simply made an error in my bruteforcer. I rewrited it and i founded the valid numbers. ;)
Excuse me guys.
25. Jul 2008
so we finally we r gonna see a solution fro this1 ;)
26. Jul 2008
Thanks TiGa.
Thank you for publishing the solution. Sorry about my English.

Nice crackme.
My first brute in VB NET ;-)
23. Nov 2008
Hi Costy great solution.

You could solve the problem with the form locking up by creating a different thread for the bruteforcing work.
17. Feb 2010
The ruteforcer is not very well. It's possible to write a bruteforcer much faster even without using multithread.

But anyway, good work :)

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