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A diferent crackme, that requires some basic math habilities...
Ultra clean code, some cool tricks and a cool algorithm. (:

1 - Find the 24 valid serials;
2 - All the serials must work outside of debugger;
3 - No BruteForce;
4 - No Patching;

Enjoy it!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 30. Jan, 2011
Downloads: 292


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Solution by kstangl, published 11. feb, 2011; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

25. Jan 2011
I only see 9 character to be compare, maybe i wrong because i don't understand last loop, is it only check 6 char?
and the loop previous it, i don't know how to Repne work, search on google but still don't understand, stupid!

I like this crackme and will try again, thank you Voik!
25. Jan 2011
the REPNE repeat a string comand ECX times.
Example: mov ecx, 8
repne movsb

this code, will repeat MOVSB 8 times. (:
30. Jan 2011
i've found one but it doesn't work outside dbg x)
31. Jan 2011
When user says outside debugger, there are some anti-debug in there.
SeekNDestroy those 1st :)
31. Jan 2011
i know about that ;)
01. Feb 2011
I've found one that works outside a debugger. 23 to go. ;d
03. Feb 2011
if you found one, probably you will find the others 23.
05. Feb 2011
So far I've found 21.

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