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A bit hard crackme!!

Don't patch.
Write a keygen and a solution!
Don't forget the Source!!

Have fun.

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 04. May, 2014
Downloads: 271


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Solution by Kirjava, published 29. may, 2014; download (91 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

04. May 2014
You forgot to initialize variable dwSerialNum. But initial value seems to be static. 0x28FF94 on my PC...?
04. May 2014
and 0x20fff0 on my pc...
i'm think about to use debugger in keygen to obtain the initial value of dwSerialNum.....
04. May 2014
@downabc: that's the right spirit! I like your idea and I would like to see a tutorial, it could be helpful for newbies.
05. May 2014
It's not hard at all.
You are utilizing GetCursorPos in order to generate a right serial and that's it.
05. May 2014
That's fun to make a KeyGen for it. How you'll get the same mouse position ? that's only one way.
06. May 2014
You're right victordmelo, just ignore basscode and btw. I have no idea what his problem is? This is just level 2 so why the heck would you expect it to be hard?
06. May 2014
this is so fantastic crackme. i cant code keygen for this. but patched and keygened original file.
Anyway Thank you for your post.
13. May 2014
I made a dll that hooks _itoa, so I can rip the serial from memory. Is this a acceptable way to solve?
14. May 2014
yes. but there's a way more simple to do that bro.
03. Jun 2014
You can make a keygen, open it, switch to your crackme folder, open the crackme (without moving the cursor, using ALT+TAB and ur arrows), then switch back to your keygen and press any key in order to generate the key, that's it.
01. Aug 2014
Very Nice, Thank you!

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