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ultras's 1st crackme
Size : 377 kb
Code : Borland Delphi 7
Difficulty : 3

You Have To Enabled the serial text box,,,
(by following the program rule or reverse it),,,
Then find the correct serial and/or make the keygen,,,

This is my 1st crackme,,,
so if you found any bug or want to give some suggestion,,
or you want to ask me,,
just email me at :

= sorry for my bad english =

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 14. Apr, 2008
Downloads: 859


Votes: 4
Crackme is boring.

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Solution by EvOlUtIoN, published 20. apr, 2008; download (204 kb), password: or browse.

EvOlUtIoN has rated this crackme as boring.

Solution by IMPosTOR, published 20. apr, 2008; download (1943 kb), password: or browse.

IMPosTOR has not rated this crackme yet.

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Discussion and comments

15. Apr 2008
very very easy to keygen lol

to moderator: level = 3 ??????
16. Apr 2008
use ResHack for enable (RCData ---> TForm)
16. Apr 2008
Or type serials that are long enough to enable the boxes ;).
16. Apr 2008
The author sets the initial difficulty.

The difficulty level will be adjusted, if necessary, according to the solutions.
17. Apr 2008
Yeah, it is very very simple, lika a level 1.
Keygen is one of easiest i ever seen, also patch for objects is really simple. as i can io will do a tute, i already done a keygen.
18. Apr 2008
sorry everybody for wrong difficulty,,
i will work harder from now,,
thanx to appreciate,,
18. Apr 2008
I just uploaded my solution.
09. Jun 2008
Why is this level 1? This should be at least 3!
12. Jun 2008
maybe you should ask the admin,,,,

12. Jun 2008
Levels are relative.
This might be hard for some, it might be too easy for others...

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