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ultras's 6th crackme (Object CrackMe )
Size : 400.5 kb
Code : Borland Delphi 7
Difficulty : 3

To Do :
1. Defeat Startup Protection (Patching Allowed Here...)(The protection Maybe Execute or NOt )
2. Defeat Level1 (the checkboxes and radio buttons),,Find The Correct Combination (No Patching)(no resource editor),,
3. Defeat Level2 (Trackbar),,Find The Correct Combination (No Patching),,
4. Defeat Level3 find correct password,,,(and defeat the protection),,,

This is my 6th crackme,,,
if you found any bug or want to give some suggestion,,
or you want to ask me,,
just email me at :

my next crackme will come late,,
because i will face test at my college,,
so be patient to all my fans :)..

= sorry for my bad english =

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 27. Apr, 2008
Downloads: 413


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Discussion and comments

29. Apr 2008
I already done step 1 and step 2, i found step 1 boring and step2 quite nice...
I thought also to solved step 3, but something you know why? already passed all checks for characters, password is similar to your name ;-) but last check fails and no goodboy message appears withou8t patch...i'm in wrong way or it is normal?
29. Apr 2008
Yes, step 1 is easy, but it looks like it's using that "protection" in all steps.
Step 2 was nice indeed, never tried something like that, but easily found the right combination (after finding the right code "by intuition") :).
I stopped at step 3, maybe i should try a bit more :P.
29. Apr 2008
Ok, solved it.
Another nice one.
You've got very original crackme's :P
I'll try to write a tutorial.
30. Apr 2008

you miss one protection beside "that protection",,,
look carefully at code,,,

you'll find it,,,,
03. May 2008
Hmm, i patched it, but my solution got rejected.
Now all my patched versions are unpatched, wtf O.o...
I must be crazy or my pc is acting weird, i don't know =).
I will try to update my solution now, maybe i overlooked something.
03. May 2008
Heh, guess i didn't look good enough.
Nice and easy protection.
And another nice usage of the date in key =).
03. Jun 2008
nice one.. :D
i love the trick..

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