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ultras's5th crackme
Size : 385.5 kb
Code : Borland Delphi 7
Difficulty : 3

To Do :
1. Remove Startup Nag Screen
2. Find Correct Serial And/Or Making Keygen
3. Remove Exit Nag Screen

This is my 5th crackme,,,
so if you found any bug or want to give some suggestion,,
or you want to ask me,,
just email me at :

= sorry for my bad english =

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 20. Apr, 2008
Downloads: 469


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Solution by movzx, published 04. jun, 2008; download (210 kb), password: or browse.

movzx has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

04. May 2008
Finding a serial and removing exit nag screen is easy, but removing the startup nag screen is another matter.

I have gotten rid of the nag, but not the way it was intended, I'm sure. I patched the crackme so it works like this:
1. Speed up the progressbar so that it finishes immediately.
2. Made the program itself press the ENTER key.
3. Use SW_HIDE instead of SW_SHOWNORMAL, so that the LOADING-window is never shown.

This way, when I doubleclick the program the real crackme is shown with a very slight delay, but I would like to see a solution where the startup nag is REALLY skipped...
07. May 2008
to : Zaphod

can you submit your solution,,,
i would like to review it,,,
07. May 2008
when I run the crackme on win xp It display a lot of messagebox saying '0:00:01' is not a valid time. I think it's a bug
07. May 2008
I got xp sp2 and get no error like that.
08. May 2008
I have XP SP1 - and no errors either.

ultrasnord, it would be a waste of time to submit a solution since it would be rejected. I haven't made a keygen and I don't think I can ( solutions are rejected without a keygen, as you know ).
And my way of getting rid of the startup nag is not a real solution, it is just a way around the problem, not good enough...

But as I said I would like to see a proper solution, come on guys :)
08. May 2008
"But as I said I would like to see a proper solution, come on guys :)"


come guys everybody here is challanged to solve this,,,
04. Jun 2008
solved, check my solution

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