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ultras's Auto Shutdown crackme
Size : 421 kb
Code : Borland Delphi 7
Difficulty : I Don't Know The Initial Difficulty

This Program is Used to auto shutdown your computer,,
but you have to register or crack it to use it :),,

= No Patching
= Find Correct Serial For Your Name
= If You Can or Want To Make Keygen, Make It ( OPTIONAL )

If you found any bug or want to give some suggestion,,
or you want to ask me,,
just email me at :

= sorry for my bad english =

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 01. Jul, 2008
Downloads: 502


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Solution by Bswap, published 21. jun, 2008; download (667 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

03. Jun 2008
err.. bug found..
this crackme keep thinks that its still running with a debugger, even there is no debugger running...
03. Jun 2008
Yes, i see the bug also. I think author maybe made a typo or something.

EBP-C = 00000001
So, it can never be correct :).
04. Jun 2008
it detect debugger from registry,,,

so even the debugger not running it still detect that debugger found,,,
04. Jun 2008
to : movzx

how about making tut?,,,
04. Jun 2008
err.. is this proggie runs normally on your computer?
04. Jun 2008
this proggie is trying to do a VirtualQuery for this address :

another bug is.. if i enter the registration window, there is no way to terminate the proggie. alt-f4 only close the form, but not terminate the proggie...
05. Jun 2008
it says "Remove the Breakpoint first", but i'm not using a debugger!
05. Jun 2008
Solved in 10mins. It's all about using proper tools and one good breakpoint. So.. No tutorial this time. ;)
06. Jun 2008
about the breakpoint :

there are still a lot of bug in this proggie,,,

i will submit a new version with new protection,,,,

so,, just wait ok?!!!

but i wait till someone submit the solution,,,
06. Jun 2008
If you submited a new version, the solution would be deleted. So why someone should write a solution NOW?? I think it's better to send the new crackme first.
07. Jun 2008
let think it's like trade,,,

you give me the knowledge by submitting the solution and i'll give you new challenge by uploading new version,,,,
19. Jun 2008
@bswap: Couldn't you write a normal tutorial ?
It's like searching an ant in a heap of ants and when you find it, you need special glasses to see it 8-).
19. Jun 2008
nooooo, just pratice and follow.... No "ANT's" here....
Try is step by step.. just follow your code in OLLY
19. Jun 2008
Let me say it like this:
Wich program do i have to use to see the actual tutorial ?

I had to change the extension to unzip the file, then I had to find the tutorial wich was called "Document" or something...
Looking at it with a text editor looks weird.
The only usable stuff i see in there, are the 3 pictures.

I like reverse engineering, but this is a bit extreme :P.
19. Jun 2008
DOCX is Office 2007

I get enough complaints already when I reject solutions for good reasons.
I'm not going to start rejecting them too for "Using an evil font". ;)

Could you resubmit with the solution saved as Word 2003?
This format is compatible with OpenOffice too.
20. Jun 2008
I will do it, sorry
21. Jun 2008
nice, not is a difficult cracked in some time, maybe can
now have an registred version :)
@costy maybe the getversion or some api can detect some..for RTDSC

uff i like write but..not have time. and if have maybe my english is difficult of understand..

for docx word 2003+plugins is capable of read

docx= .zip + xml just rename to .zip the .docx and unzip this file for see the originals values..(img etc)

some tools as docx converter , can convert in rtf /doc in versions registreds or/nopeds :S

see ya.
01. Jul 2008
this is new version,,,

redownload please,,,


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