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Just find out the combination to this virtual safe. Should be fun for the newbies. The pros SHOULD have this one cracked in under 5 minutes. For the Pros the challenge should be speed here!

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 19. Sep, 2005
Downloads: 1754


Votes: 9
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Solution by nonzenze, published 19. sep, 2005; download (1 kb), password: or browse.

nonzenze has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by Ox87k, published 19. sep, 2005; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

Ox87k has rated this crackme as boring crap.

Solution by deroko, published 19. sep, 2005; download (1 kb), password: or browse.

deroko has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

19. Sep 2005
yeah, so funny but the difficult it's 1 of 9 and not 2/9 ;)
19. Sep 2005
gotcha - it's a 1 then. The next in the safe series will be harder, promise! :p
19. Sep 2005
nice idea, trope. it was a pleasure ;-}
19. Sep 2005
why is it closed :\ only 1st 3?

i've cracked it nice but easy one
19. Sep 2005
Thanks to all for trying my Safe crackme. I look forward to coding more. Actually... Safe #2 almost done!
20. Sep 2005
Haha was a good way to get back into reverse engineering, a little different I liked it
20. Sep 2005
@paradox: waz up =)
21. Sep 2005
SAFE #1 is fun, i'm a newbie and I have solved it... very fun and interesting
23. Sep 2005
That was easy. but fun
08. Oct 2005
oh yeah, super newbie at work (me) :)
this is the first crackme i solved all by myself hehehe

thank you very much trope for such great learning material!!

btw it took me 1 hour though LOL
28. Oct 2005
good job siupetpet! Congrats!
08. Dec 2005
Yeh Very nice one man... This is also first one I done by my self. Im learning slowly slowly..
12. May 2006
It was really nice one I signed in after a long time
14. Aug 2006
This is a very good one for beginners like me ^^ took me like 15 minutes :/

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