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Ice9 by TripleTordo
Release Date: 3th July 2009
Compiler: Masm
Language: Pure win32ASM
Level: 1/10

Hey! , this is my first crackme ( KeygenMe ), its very easy, for Newbies. I hope you enjoy it.

Rulez :
- NO patching allowed
- NO name/serial allowed
- NO self-keygening, code ripping allowed
Just: Find protection scheme ( serial creating algorithm ), explain it and make a tuto and your own keygen.

This is a KeygenMe. Only keygens are allowed. Its very easy, no protection/encription, only one little trick. Good Luck.

i Hope you enjoy it, and if you can't find a valid solution, i hope you will learn something.

Thanx to: flipflop, Defc0n1, and of course, to you, for try this.

Suggestions, donations, free sex to :

.: :.


Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 07. Jul, 2009
Downloads: 2086


Votes: 11
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by CesNew, published 14. jul, 2009; download (14 kb), password: or browse.

CesNew has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by deurus, published 13. jul, 2009; download (66 kb), password: or browse.

deurus has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by stranac, published 12. jul, 2009; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

stranac has not rated this crackme yet.

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Discussion and comments

07. Jul 2009
Ok, this is my first crackme. I know its easy, so i hope you'll learn something, or if you ar advanced skill, enjoy.
Sorry if you think this is bad crackme. The next one will be ( i think ) difficulty 2.
07. Jul 2009
I wrote keyge, may be a bit later, I will write solution
09. Jul 2009
keygenme is done, dont know inglish to write solution, but i will try :)
09. Jul 2009
Please vote crackme. If you have done a keygen, try to make a tut in english. I'm Spanish, and i am writing in english too. And if you want, make a keygen and a solution later, in this way more crackers will try this :)
10. Jul 2009
done! thanks for crackme!
11. Jul 2009
Thanks to U for try this. I see boring crackme in votes :(
I know that level 1 crackme is boring for some people, but for newbies is the way to enjoy and learn ( my philosophy, enjoy and learn ). The next one will be level 3, and the 3rd will be level 2. I am new in and i would like to put progressive crackmes.
12. Jul 2009
Maybe you shoul skip the IsDebuugerPresent API for your next "For newbies CrackMe" so we can focus in the algorithm :D
12. Jul 2009
Yes, but IsDebuggerPresent is a little little trick, perfect for newbies. I think its easy, but maybe you got reason.
Now solution uploaded, so the newbies can learn.
12. Jul 2009
I already submmit a solution but i can't see it yet =( is my first solution so i hope i did it right xD
12. Jul 2009
it was rejected because i forgot the keygen! I have right here but it wont allow me upload again =(
14. Jul 2009
Hey, finally your solution was uploaded :P, i hope you enjoy. Now i have no much time, so my next crackme will be created after1 or 2 weeks. Hey, finally you solved IsDebuggerPresent. Regards and i hope you enjoy.
23. Jul 2009
guess Im late again... at least i made a vc# keygen for it... darn it >.<
14. Jul 2010
im late. but its a nice keygenme

the loop at 004011B7 was a little confusing. and it was even more confusing when i saw the string "function" at 004011D0.

now i know what it does and i tell you all who try: its very easy xD
16. Feb 2011
Really easy Gabriel? of course, solutions were in 2009.

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