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Format: Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget (.gadget)

Work to do: Find out what is a .gadget
Remove the nags
Activate the backdoor
Turn the crackme into a keygen in .gadget format
Write a solution

Optional: Write a keygen in a "traditional" programming language (.exe)

It's not numbered because I don't plan on making another one!

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows Vista Only
Language: Unspecified/other

Published: 21. Aug, 2007
Downloads: 590


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Solution by Sunshine, published 17. may, 2008; download (22 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

10. Oct 2007
For those of you with Win XP, you might want to take a look at this,
07. Feb 2009
TiGa U r my favorite reverse enginer.
I have one question?
which screen recorder u r using?
and how u put your comments on it?
plz replay me...
07. Feb 2009
or email me on

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