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Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 13. May, 2009
Downloads: 466


Votes: 3
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Discussion and comments

14. May 2009
I'm back after a long time :)

Hey So;X I think I found a bug (or may be I'm missing something) :

You accept names that are at-least 8 chars long. So, how do you expect to extract a sub string like this: Name.Substring(3,7) ?!?

That would require names to be at-least 10 chars long !!
14. May 2009
One more : You do not change, Me.bbb, Me.req1, Me.req2 to empty strings ("") in the Button1_Click sub, before checking for the conditions that set them to appropriate values.
The So;X
14. May 2009
oh sorry dude i miss understood substring function ,...

please those who are downloaded this crack me put 10 char long string in to it....

sorry for my ignorance.

Tx T.0.R.N.A.D.0
14. May 2009
am i missing some thing


how can that be done???
The So;X
19. Jul 2009
come on ... No solutions.... :(
02. Aug 2009
The S0;X

The reason there's no solution for you crackme is that it's impossible to solve. in your keyckeck, there 4 conversions to boolean that are impossible. The ONLY strings that can be converted to boolean are "true" and "false". The code can't be executed, so it falls back on the catch which tells us it's the wrong key. You can fix it if you like, but I don't know what you had intended.
The So;X
06. Aug 2009
This is what u see in reflector
If (((((Me.TextBox3.Text = (sol1 & = Conversions.ToBoolean(("chk" & Me.bbb))) = Conversions.ToBoolean(("chk" & Me.req1))) = Conversions.ToBoolean((ChrW(964) & Me.req2))) = Conversions.ToBoolean(ChrW(964) & "123")) Then
Interaction.MsgBox("Your copy is registered" & ChrW(13) & ChrW(10) & "Way to go my freiend.......", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, Nothing)

This is what i actually written

If TextBox3.Text = sol1 & aaa = "chk" & bbb = "chk" & req1 = "τ" & req2 = "τ123" Then
MsgBox("Your copy is registered" & vbNewLine & "Way to go my freiend.......")
07. Aug 2009
yes but you are still missing on the parenthesis!!!!!!
The So;X
08. Aug 2009
ya i know.... may be i am missing or may be not....:)
The So;X
08. Aug 2009
as u all can see this is kind of misunderstanding reflector creates...It does not show what actually written...
06. Dec 2010
Due to having copied most of the code from Reflector and making a keygen/reg value creator and the crackme still not accepting the serial it produces I have to conclude that it does indeed fall back on the catch. This was further confirmed when I edited the code with Reflexil to see exactly what as going on.
If anyone can prove this wrong I will be very happy as it annoyed me somewhat when I realized what was happening.
26. Feb 2011
26. Feb 2011
Not quite, see readme...

Rules :
* No Patching (as always)
* you'll need to make key gen
09. Apr 2011
I don't get rules, crackmes are to test security. If someone can patch your program, and get past it; It's cracked.

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