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This is my next small toy. This time there's no crypto and the protection is slightly different.
I think you'll have to show off your coding skills more than anything on this one!

Acceptable solutions must contain a working keymaker and a tutorial or a brief description.

Crackme was packed by UPX 3.08 and you can unpack it by doing upx -d option. It was done solely to decrease the size of the binary.

If something's not working, let me know!

Best regards,

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 10. Oct, 2013
Downloads: 479


Votes: 3
Crackme is boring.

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Discussion and comments

18. Jan 2014
hi tamaroth! Your Crackme ( unpacked ) doesn't work under win 8.1 64 bit; i have tested also in win 7 64 bit and works only if you disable aslr protection! The side effect is that the packed version loads correctly everywhere! :)
20. Jan 2014
Hm,, I haven't tested it on W8/8.1 but it did work under win 7. Disabling ASLR should not cause any troubles.

For the time being I do not have enough time to fix it, I'll do it as soon as possible though.
19. Feb 2014
Works on windows xp sp 3.
05. Feb 2015
This keygenme has a bug, that makes it VERY hard (although still solvable, just not by me any more). If you're really good with abstract algebra, go ahead and give it a go.
03. Apr 2015
There's no crypto? I'm a little suspicious of that statement when the name field gets SHA1 hashed, and you say you need abstract algebra to solve it!
03. Apr 2015
Well, by no-crypto I meant c rypto to solve, one-way hashes are still technically crypto, but it's nothing that need to be reversed and is easily recognisable by flirt etc. I could of course force that 'name'input be a hexadecimal characters with the length of minimum 20 which would be the same really.

But like I said, it's bugged in a serious way which alters the way you can solve it making it really hard.
29. Dec 2015
Hi, had a little time and checking for unsolved cms, found this. Unpacked it and unpacked exe doesn't run in Win7 sp1 x86 and also tested in Win 8.1 and Win10 . It doesn't run. Is this part of your schema ?
08. Jan, 04:59
Gyver75 work fine unpacked upx
here my unpacked
by other side
if enter apuromafo, check apuromafowasher, if put apuromafowasher, this check apuromafowash, mm for other side is comparated a part before wash, post wash, and the w, when use hexa values you can see the validation.. Usind IDA not can recover at all the code..
well, thats is only there was checked

br, APuromafo
00C81855 | 68 C0 55 CA 00 | push thecube_unpackeapuromafo.CA55C0 | ;CA55C0:"Good job!\n Now write a keymaker and a tutorial!"
00C8185A | EB 05 | jmp thecube_unpackeapuromafo.C81861 |
00C8185C | 68 F0 55 CA 00 | push thecube_unpackeapuromafo.CA55F0 | ;CA55F0:"Something went wrong!"
19. Jan, 15:09
@KKR_WE_RULE: This crackme has a fatal flaw in its design. due to that flaw the difficulty is increased by like 5 points. It's become VERY HARD to solve now due to the fact that you have to figure out and write a new algebra for the system, while the intention was to use existing algebra. If you want to have basically the same thing but solvable for normal human beings, have a look at The Cube 2.

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