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This is my another small keygenme, nothing complicated. Your task is to write a keygen that works at an instant speed.

I wrote it on the spur of the moment, so if you find some horrible bugs, pray tell!

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks to Buzzer for creating "Cubes"!

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 20. Mar, 2012
Downloads: 562


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Solution by redoC, published 02. oct, 2012; download (330 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

27. May 2012
Hi tamaroth,
keygenme2.exe - Unable To Locate Component
This application has failed to start because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
This message occured when I try to run this keygenme2.exe.
When you compiling the program in VS,You can set like the following to avoid this issue.
Project->Property->C/C++->Code Generation->Runtime Lirary(set this to /MT)

30. May 2012
Yeah, it was build with /MD, I figured almost everyone has crt runtime installed, so why make crackme bigger :)

In any case, you can download redist here: x86_64 x86
16. Sep 2012
Anyone have IDA signatures for GNU MP?
"The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library"

If so please post me a message.
20. Sep 2012
You can blackbox most of it.
25. Sep 2012

BYTE HashValue[32] = SomeHash (Name&Group)
HashValue = HashValue mod N
RSAValue = pow (M, Serial) mod N
final condition: HashValue == RSAValue

... how to compute serial?
26. Sep 2012
That's a problem known as DLP, can be solved using algorithms like pollard-rho, index calculus, etc.

The author of the crackme wants you to calculate the serial at an instant speed, that's the interesting stuff about this crackme :-)
27. Sep 2012
Thanks, solution soon.

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