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This crackme is a testapp for my pe protector beria.
Some time ago I released an early version of beria, but it had
many flaws and I decided to completely rewrite the code.
So this one has nothing (but the name) to do with the old beria.
I tested it successfully on Win2000 SP 4 and Win XP SP 2 but it will
not run on Win 95/98/Me!

Everthing is allowed!
The crackme is solved when the right text appears in the textbox!

Please give me a lot of feedback for further development!

have fun!


Difficulty: 8 - *VERY VERY* hard
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 27. Jun, 2006
Downloads: 1273


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Solution by jE!, published 27. aug, 2006; download (252 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

26. Jul 2006
hey, I unpuked & etc..
I Just don't know, if algo is reversible, so..
without algo will ok?
26. Jul 2006
in case can u up somewhere solution for unpacking? i'm very interested in that.
26. Jul 2006
solution will be in solution:)
but i'm interesting from author, is algo reversible or no?

who can help me? where is deroko?
26. Jul 2006
sit, Commview decodes my MAC-address as

bad? Commview or failure??
27. Jul 2006
You are right, the only way to solve the algo is to brute force it. I wasn't completely sure of it, when i released it.
If I am right, your unpacked one should not work fully (without a key), so what do you think of the protection?
29. Jul 2006
i reCREATorred those peace of code:)))

>>Everthing is allowed!

i will take time to write solve..
30. Jul 2006
Well, of course, take your time and write a good solution!
04. Nov 2009
not opening in Windows7 i also set the compatibility windows xp..
04. Nov 2009
So what SpiderZ?

What do you want us to do? 3 year old solved crackme that doesn't work on your OS that wasn't invented at the time.

What action do you expect from your message?

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