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Crackme #1 by Swiftdamnation...

The game is to find the serial routine, and write a keygen and tutorial.

RULES: No patching...

Have fun!

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 19. Jan, 2008
Downloads: 200


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Discussion and comments

19. Jan 2008
Custom packer even if PEiD sees Upack or NsPack.
03. Feb 2008
Nobody has solved it yet? C'mon people... ;-)
04. Feb 2008
Well, i unpacked it.
Fished serial and ativation code.
But can't be bothered to find out the whole algorithm.
However, it seems to use some windows stuff.
04. Feb 2008
That's a simple packer to unpack, so isn't harder that part :))... about the algo, it uses CryptoAPI... this is a pack: RSA + MD5 or SHA1.. if i'm not wrong :))...Its not harder at all... I don't have keygenned yet (and i'll not :) but i've see this protection in some commercial proggys :DD
10. Feb 2008
Aw come on...I agree it's not very hard, just try a keygen. Some weird stuff happens to the serial/activation code besides being encrypted, I just would like to see a working keygen. No self-keygenning or fished serials.
11. Feb 2008
Nothing harder... just RC4 + MD5 (cryptoapi)... i think this one its overrated... btw, vb suxxx =D

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